May 11, 2021

From trainee to trainee – insights in the Baumer world

Interview with trainees at the Frauenfeld location. They give insights how they contributed towards successful product launch.

To put in a nutshell: How would you describe your time as a Baumer trainee?

During the first two years, in our workshop for apprentices we elaborated on many projects which prepared us for our future daily business as electronics engineers. In these projects we had the chance to build up knowledge in manufacturing technology, microcontroller programming and measurement technology. For example, one task in practice and daily business was calibration of measuring instruments. A more comprehensive project evolved from the product launch of a new flow sensor, for which we developed a demonstration unit. In the third year we will work as electronics engineers in the company and will be given the chance to fully put our gained knowhow into practice.

Can you give insights into your project work for launching the new flow sensor?

The new flow sensor is to measure flow rates of liquids in an installation’s pipe system. The sensor is mainly deployed in the food industry and helps save resources. Our objective in this new technology was to develop a demonstration unit simulating the sensor functionalities without using real liquids. This is now being used in trainings and also for quick and easy demonstration of the flowmeter benefits in customer meetings. In each project stage, starting from layout design to housing production on to commissioning and setup, our 7-trainee team was fully responsible. 

What challenged and fascinated you most about the project?

It was great and motivating to develop something from scratch which in the end will be presented in customer meetings. Overall project steering, defining individual sub-steps and learning what it takes to finalize new developments was very inspiring to us. In the course of the development phase the sensor had been added additional functionalities. These had to be implemented in the demonstration unit and required new approaches, which to us was a first-hand experience about how complex projects can be. Parallel to this project we had been working on others, so observing targets and deadline was quite challenging under time management aspects. But mastering all these tasks as a team, where everyone could play to one’s personal strengths was real fun for all of us.

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