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Intelligent sensors for a smart factory

Precisely control machines and provide information for optimization 

Reliable and precise data from position sensors, encoders or force sensors are the success factors of advancing automation. However, intelligent sensors offer much more. As an example, additional information about the condition or the use of the sensors enables better maintenance concepts. Smart sensors accelerate the development and enable the focused implementation of highly individualized manufacturing.
We support you with a comprehensive portfolio and high competence towards your smart factory. Our experts will advise you on which sensor functions are crucial for your application.

You can also find out more about intelligent sensors for the smart factory in our technical report in German „Mit digitalen Zusatzdaten von heute die Herausforderungen von morgen bewältigen“.


Precise measuring, inspection and positioning

Smart sensor solutions for efficient inline quality controls and robot positioning

Sensors for precise non-contact in-line measurement ensure consistent product and process quality. The fine positioning of robots during handling and processing is also crucial for high performance and low reject rates.
To keep the effort required for this low, efficient and easy-to-integrate components are particularly important. With smart sensors, we therefore offer you solutions for precise distance measurements, extensive profile analyses or image-based feature inspections. All functions are contained directly in the compact sensor housing. Talk to our experts about how you can implement quality controls in your production process or precise positioning of objects or robots as easily as ever.

Read more about how to make inline quality control easier and more cost-effective in our technical report in German „Wie smarte Profilsensoren Inline-Qualitätskontrollen einfacher und kostengünstiger machen“


Baumer Sensor Suite – The smartest way to use IO-Link!

The Baumer Sensor Suite is a PC-software to engineer and use Smart Sensor Solutions.

Its simple and intuitive operability facilitates the evaluation, selection and parameterisation of IO-Link devices. Thanks to the intuitive visualisation of sensor functions, the full potential of IO-Link devices can be used. The BSS is manufacturer-independent, which means that all IO-Link devices available on the market can be parameterised. This also applies to a large number of third-party IO-Link masters. The Baumer Sensor Suite is the basis for further digital solutions from Baumer.

Learn more about our Connected Smart Sensor Solution in an interview with our CEO in German „Smarte Sensoren: Funktionsvielfalt vs. Einfachheit".


Encoder – Optimal integration for enhanced performance

Perfectly integrated mechanically and electrically with the right measurement parameters

Baumer encoders ensure maximum performance. Already during the mechanical and electrical integration, numerous settings can ensure the plus in performance in the system. The right selection, design and setting of the measurement parameters guarantee optimum dynamics and accuracy - precisely matched to the application. Whether in factory automation or in mechanical engineering, Baumer offers the right interfaces, signal performance and robustness.

Learn more about how smart encoders enable more efficient machine concepts in our technical report in German „Smarte Drehgeber ermöglichen effizientere Maschinenkonzepte“.


Process sensors – Clever solutions to raise efficiency

Increase process quality and optimize resource utilization with sensor technology.

Pressure, level, flow, analysis and temperature - for these important variables to efficiently control processes, we offer you sensor solutions with best-in-class performance. Fast response times and reliable, accurate measuring values help you increase your process quality and save resources. Our experts can advise you on innovative and precise sensor solutions for practical applications. Now you can easily detect air or gas bubbles in the system, measure flow accurately even at low speed, or optimize the operation of heat exchangers. First-hand know-how.

Learn more about clever solutions for efficient processes in our German webinar „Flexible Produktionsprozesse zuverlässig realisieren“

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