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Cables and adapters

Cables and adapters for sensors

  • Female connector, angled or straight
  • Female connector with cable,  shielded or non-shielded
  • Versions from 2 to 12 terminals
  • Sheath material: PUR, PP, PVC, PE-X or RADOX
  • Ecolab certified, FDA compliant variants
  • Halogen-free variants
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Mounting accessories

Mounting accessories

  • Mounting brackets, clamp and locking nuts for different diameters
  • Mounting bracket made of steel, stainless steel and galvanized steel
  • Mounting accessories for sensors in hygienic design made of V4A stainless steel (EHEDG certified)
  • Mounting brackets made of plastic
  • Adjustment accessories
  • Sensofix mounting kits
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  • PNP / NPN converter
  • Functional adapter for pulse stretching
  • Sound-deflecting angle for ultrasonic sensors
  • Sensor test equipment
  • Teach-in adapter
  • USB IO-Link Master
  • Permanent magnets, operating temperature up to 180 °C
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Reflectors – Advantages compared to sensors with reflector


  • Different sizes and designs
  • Self-adhesive or screw mount
  • Stainless steel variants in hygienic design (EHEDG certified)
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Lenses / apertures / glass covers

Lenses / apertures / glass covers

  • Lens to increase operating range by a factor of 6
  • Focusing lens for fiber optic cables
  • Glass covers
  • Union nuts: brass nickel plated or POM
  • Shutter set
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IO-Link Master

IO-Link Master

  • 8-port master for use in the field or control cabinet
  • For integration to PROFINET
  • Supports Modbus TCP and OPC UA
  • User-convenient parameterization via web interface
  • Simple sensor replacement with the parameter server function
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Peripherals – SensControl  – Wireless IO-Link master and app – Wireless IO-Link master

Wireless IO-Link master and app


  • On-site configuration and monitoring of IO-Link devices (sensors/actuators)
  • Communication via WLAN, Bluetooth LE and IO-Link
  • Power supply by integrated rechargeable battery
  • Increased mobility and easy to use via SensControl app

USB IO-Link Master

  • Integration of IO-Link sensors via USB
  • Including power supply (EU, KOR, USA, AUS, UK) and USB cable
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