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With media contact

  • Especially robust housing for long service life
  • Integrated compensation electrodes to suppress dirt and moisture
  • Specialized sensors designs for soiled media
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Non-contact – Particularly flat design


  • Protected sensor installation outside the containers
  • No media contamination by the sensor
  • Optional detection from the outside of completely closed systems
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Robust sensors

Robust sensors

  • Sensors for demanding applications
  • Coated sensing head to enable cleaning free from residues
  • Sensing head capable of temperatures from -40 (cold) to 200°C (hot)
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Easy mounting solution

Easy mounting solution

  • Installation flexibility thanks to unique mounting frame
  • Sensor easily snaps in and out without tools
  • Optional cascading of several sensors
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Video "Flat CFDK 25 capacitive sensor with versatile mounting options"

The advantages of the flat capacitive sensors CFDK 25 for level measurement at a glance:

  • Versatile mounting options
  • Space-saving installation
  • Snap-in /snap-out without tools

Your benefits
  • Long service life thanks to minimum wear
    • Extremely abrasion-resistant and robust housing
    • The sensing distance of up to 30 mm and the very flat design allows for protected sensor installation
    • Flush-mount designs
    • Protected and easy sensor mounting outside the container with mounting frame
  • Reliable detection
    • Capacitive sensors detect any medium
    • Insensitive to dust and soiling
  • Flexible use
    • Non- contact media detection through container walls - no soiling or media adhesions and contamination
    • For direct media contact - even in aggressive media



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