The drive technology uses stable signals from rotary encoders to ensure the containers run at a low noise level through the machine. This not only has a positive effect on machine performance but also reduces conveyor belt wear.

Buffer table and infeed conveyor synchronization

Incremental industrial rotary encoders with precise optical scanning

Reduced storage and startup costs

  • Differing requirements parameterizable with only one rotary encoder variant from 1 ... 65536 pulses/revolution
  • Shorter startup times by simple reparameterization of the encoders on site with handheld programming tool
  • All commonly used mechanical interfaces available

High operational reliability

  • Immune to shock and vibration thanks to high integration density
  • New optical sensor technology offers high signal and control performance

Master rotary filler axis

High control performance provided by absolute industrial rotary encoders

High system performance

  • Synchronization of various machine modules with only rotary encoder and up to 5 precision incremental outputs of varying resolution
  • High precision position and trigger signals with integrated error compensation and filtering of machine vibration
  • Adjustable signal resolution for flexible adaptation to machine configuration
  • Functionally reliable incremental signal for efficient setup
  • Synchronous position output with ultra low jitter in ± 0.6 μs range with Powerlink
  • Freely selectable position resolution without conversion in the PLC and Powerlink cross-traffic for ultra-precise synchronization of various axes

High operational reliability

  • Safety first – safe incremental rotary encoders with SIL2
  • Reliable speed with standard square-wave signals simply integrated in existing architectures
  • Simpler verification of safety functions thanks to certified conformity (IEC 61508)
  • Long service life of rotary encoders ensured by statistical process checks and automated final inspections
  • Absolute rotary encoder with 18 bit resolution and a repeat accuracy of ± 0.1 °
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