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Standard laser distance sensors

O300,O500/ OT300,OT500/ FADx14

  • Good all-round measurement performance
  • Measuring distances up to 2500 mm 
  • Linearity deviation up to 5% MR
  • Digital interface: IO-Link
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Performance laser distance sensors – Optical distance sensors

Performance laser distance sensors

OM20 / OM30

  • Best-in-class measurement performance on a large range of surfaces
  • Measuring distances up to 550 mm
  • Linearity deviation up to  +/- 0.08 % MR
  • Measurement frequency up to 5 kHz
  • Digital interface: IO-Link or RS485
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High-performance laser distance sensors – Highest precision at the closest ranges – Reproducibility of long-distance measurements

High-performance laser distance sensors


  • Extremely reliable measurements even on demanding surfaces
  • Measuring distances up to 1700 mm
  • Linearity deviation up to +/- 0.06%
  • Measurement frequency up to 2,5 kHz
  • Serial RS485 or Ethernet interface with OPC UA, PROFINET, Modbus, UDP Streaming, EtherNet/IP
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