Profile sensor product portfolio
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Smart multi-tool profile sensors


  • Measurement functions for direct output of up to 7 measured values 
  • Linking of measurement tools and position tracking for multifaceted analysis
  • Free configuration in the intuitive web interface
  • Resolution up to 8 µm in Z-direction with red laser
  • Large selection of interfaces and protocols (PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, OPC UA, IO-Link, Modbus TCP)
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Profile raw data for individual evaluations


  • Output of a calibrated 2D scatter plot for external further processing
  • Sensor parameterisation via intuitive web interface
  • Creation of 3D scatter plots using encoder and trigger input
  • Freely available SDK with sample code
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Blue laser for demanding surfaces


  • Up to 5 µm resolution in Z-direction within 25 mm measurement range
  • Up to 30 µm point-to-point distance within up to 28 mm field of view
  • Stable and precise measurement results on plastic and semi-transparent surfaces
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Your benefits with the OX profile sensor
All in one - compact, versatile, economical

Positioning and inspection tasks
Profile sensor for quality control, web edge control and robot positioning

Smart profile sensors in action

Smart functions
in compact housings for even higher reliability


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