Parallel grippers

Baumer miniature sensors with an analog output or IO-Link provide precise position feedback of the gripper jaws. In this way, the gripper itself becomes a measuring instrument to check and validate the gripped part. High resolution and repeat accuracy combined with low temperature drift ensure both process stability and precision.

In addition teachable and linearized sensor versions save time before and during setup and calibration, sparing the need to get involved on the controls level. Furthermore, up to 2 switching points can be defined with the output being fully configurable comprising hysteresis, curve steepness and measuring range. With a response time of 0.5 ms, the sensors are suitable for high speed applications while also providing a high dynamic resolution.

The superior sensor functionality provides access to data such as cycle counters and operating hours. This data can be used for preventive maintenance, warranty claim management and statistics, perfectly enabling the smart gripper to contribute to IoT machine concepts.


Automatic tool changers

Reliably detecting the proper connecting of the tool changer to its counterpart is crucial for safety. The integrated fail-safe mechanism in most tool changers will not prevent failure due to incomplete coupling. Baumer offers different sensor technologies to reliably detect the piston position.

Application: Locked / unlocked detection with:

Miniature inductive sensors for precise position feedback of the gripper jaws

The inductive miniature sensors offer high-precision measurement results in the smallest housings. The sensors also provide valuable diagnostic and additional process data via the IO-Link interface. This makes it easier to solve applications and increases system availability. The high resolution of the sensors ensures excellent repeatability and low temperature drift as well as optimum process stability and accuracy.
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