The Baumer Group offers with the original Bourdon brand a broad product portfolio of thermometer, pressure gauges, pressure switches, differential pressure gauges, differential pressure switches, temperature switches, seals and accessories. The all new website has been substantially revised technically, optically and with regard to contents. Up to date, user friendly and with a clear overview of products and services.


1005, 1020, 1500, 1510, 1520, 1530, 1540, 1620, 1650, 1680, 1690, A.MFD.02.N, A.MFD.03.N, A.MFD.05.N, AEKT-2H, AEKT-2K, AEKT-2L, AEKT-2P, AEKT-LH, AEKT-LK, AEKT-LL, AEKT-LP, AGF, AGFR, AGW, AGWR, AKPL-10N201, AKPL-10N202, AKPL-10N203, AKPL-10N204, AKPL-10N301, AKPL-10N302, AKPL-10N303, AKPL-10N304, AKPL-10N601, AKPL-10N602, AKPL-10N603, AKPL-10N604, AKPL-1F5201, AKPL-1F5202, AKPL-1F5203, AKPL-1F5204, AKPL-1F5301, AKPL-1F5302, AKPL-1F5303, AKPL-1F5304, AKPL-1F5601, AKPL-1F5602, AKPL-1F5603, AKPL-1F5604, AKPL-1F6201, AKPL-1F6202, AKPL-1F6203, AKPL-1F6204, AKPL-1F6301, AKPL-1F6302, AKPL-1F6303, AKPL-1F6304, AKPL-1F6601, AKPL-1F6602, AKPL-1F6603, AKPL-1F6604, AKPL-20N201, AKPL-20N202, AKPL-20N203, AKPL-20N204, AKPL-20N301, AKPL-20N302, AKPL-20N303, AKPL-20N304, AKPL-20N601, AKPL-20N602, AKPL-20N603, AKPL-20N604, AKPL-2F5201, AKPL-2F5202, AKPL-2F5203, AKPL-2F5204, AKPL-2F5301, AKPL-2F5302, AKPL-2F5303, AKPL-2F5304, AKPL-2F5601, AKPL-2F5602, AKPL-2F5603, AKPL-2F5604, AKPL-2F6201, AKPL-2F6202, AKPL-2F6203, AKPL-2F6204, AKPL-2F6301, AKPL-2F6302, AKPL-2F6303, AKPL-2F6304, AKPL-2F6601, AKPL-2F6602, AKPL-2F6603, AKPL-2F6604, AKPL-30N201, AKPL-30N202, AKPL-30N203, AKPL-30N204, AKPL-30N301, AKPL-30N302, AKPL-30N303, AKPL-30N304, AKPL-30N601, AKPL-30N602, AKPL-30N603, AKPL-30N604, AKPL-3F5201, AKPL-3F5202, AKPL-3F5203, AKPL-3F5204, AKPL-3F5301, AKPL-3F5302, AKPL-3F5303, AKPL-3F5304, AKPL-3F5601, AKPL-3F5602, AKPL-3F5603, AKPL-3F5604, AKPL-3F6201, AKPL-3F6202, AKPL-3F6203, AKPL-3F6204, AKPL-3F6301, AKPL-3F6302, AKPL-3F6303, AKPL-3F6304, AKPL-3F6601, AKPL-3F6602, AKPL-3F6603, AKPL-3F6604, AKPL-40N201, AKPL-40N202, AKPL-40N203, AKPL-40N204, AKPL-40N301, AKPL-40N302, AKPL-40N303, AKPL-40N304, AKPL-40N601, AKPL-40N602, AKPL-40N603, AKPL-40N604, AKPL-4F5201, AKPL-4F5202, AKPL-4F5203, AKPL-4F5204, AKPL-4F5301, AKPL-4F5302, AKPL-4F5303, AKPL-4F5304, AKPL-4F5601, AKPL-4F5602, AKPL-4F5603, AKPL-4F5604, AKPL-4F6201, AKPL-4F6202, AKPL-4F6203, AKPL-4F6204, AKPL-4F6301, AKPL-4F6302, AKPL-4F6303, AKPL-4F6304, AKPL-4F6601, AKPL-4F6602, AKPL-4F6603, AKPL-4F6604, AKPL-A0N201, AKPL-A0N202, AKPL-A0N203, AKPL-A0N204, AKPL-A0N301, AKPL-A0N302, AKPL-A0N303, AKPL-A0N304, AKPL-A0N601, AKPL-A0N602, AKPL-A0N603, AKPL-A0N604, AKPL-AF5201, AKPL-AF5202, AKPL-AF5203, AKPL-AF5204, AKPL-AF5301, AKPL-AF5302, AKPL-AF5303, AKPL-AF5304, AKPL-AF5601, AKPL-AF5602, AKPL-AF5603, AKPL-AF5604, AKPL-AF6201, AKPL-AF6202, AKPL-AF6203, AKPL-AF6204, AKPL-AF6301, AKPL-AF6302, AKPL-AF6303, AKPL-AF6304, AKPL-AF6601, AKPL-AF6602, AKPL-AF6603, AKPL-AF6604, AKPL-B0N201, AKPL-B0N202, AKPL-B0N203, AKPL-B0N204, AKPL-B0N301, AKPL-B0N302, AKPL-B0N303, AKPL-B0N304, AKPL-B0N601, AKPL-B0N602, AKPL-B0N603, AKPL-B0N604, AKPL-BF5201, AKPL-BF5202, AKPL-BF5203, AKPL-BF5204, AKPL-BF5301, AKPL-BF5302, AKPL-BF5303, AKPL-BF5304, AKPL-BF5601, AKPL-BF5602, AKPL-BF5603, AKPL-BF5604, AKPL-BF6201, AKPL-BF6202, AKPL-BF6203, AKPL-BF6204, AKPL-BF6301, AKPL-BF6302, AKPL-BF6303, AKPL-BF6304, AKPL-BF6601, AKPL-BF6602, AKPL-BF6603, AKPL-BF6604, AKPL-C0N201, AKPL-C0N202, AKPL-C0N203, AKPL-C0N204, AKPL-C0N301, AKPL-C0N302, AKPL-C0N303, AKPL-C0N304, AKPL-C0N601, AKPL-C0N602, AKPL-C0N603, AKPL-C0N604, AKPL-CF5201, AKPL-CF5202, AKPL-CF5203, AKPL-CF5204, AKPL-CF5301, AKPL-CF5302, AKPL-CF5303, AKPL-CF5304, AKPL-CF5601, AKPL-CF5602, AKPL-CF5603, AKPL-CF5604, AKPL-CF6201, AKPL-CF6202, AKPL-CF6203, AKPL-CF6204, AKPL-CF6301, AKPL-CF6302, AKPL-CF6303, AKPL-CF6304, AKPL-CF6601, AKPL-CF6602, AKPL-CF6603, AKPL-CF6604, AKPL-D0N201, AKPL-D0N202, AKPL-D0N203, AKPL-D0N204, AKPL-D0N301, AKPL-D0N302, AKPL-D0N303, AKPL-D0N304, AKPL-D0N601, AKPL-D0N602, AKPL-D0N603, AKPL-D0N604, AKPL-DF5201, AKPL-DF5202, AKPL-DF5203, AKPL-DF5204, AKPL-DF5301, AKPL-DF5302, AKPL-DF5303, AKPL-DF5304, AKPL-DF5601, AKPL-DF5602, AKPL-DF5603, AKPL-DF5604, AKPL-DF6201, AKPL-DF6202, AKPL-DF6203, AKPL-DF6204, AKPL-DF6301, AKPL-DF6302, AKPL-DF6303, AKPL-DF6304, AKPL-DF6601, AKPL-DF6602, AKPL-DF6603, AKPL-DF6604, AORP-0381, AORP-0382, AORP-0383, AORP-0384, AORP-0385, AORP-0386, AORP-B501, AORP-B502, AORP-B503, AORP-B504, AORP-B505, AORP-B506, AORP-B507, ARA-06.E3F5, ARA-06.E60N, ARA-10.A30L, ARA-10.A60N, ARA-10.D30L, ARA-10.D60N, ARA-10.L30L, ARA-10.L60N, ARD-L03L, ARD-L23L, ARID, ARIN, ARP-A03L, ARP-L03L, ARP-X03L, ARP-X06N, ARP-X23L, ARP-X26N, ASIP-10N60A, ASIP-1F730A, ASIP-206604, ASIP-206608, ASIP-206616, ASIP-20N604, ASIP-20N608, ASIP-20N616, ASIP-20NN04, ASIP-2F5304, ASIP-D1L3, ASIP-D1N6, ASIP-D2L3, ASIP-D2N6, BRD914, BRD918, BRD944, D030, D040, D041, D042, D043, D044, D055, D295, D415, D418, D435, D438, D611, D621, D631, D803, D820, D821, D824, D825, D853, D910, D911, D912, D914, D918, D920, D924, D944, DADF, DADL, DAEF, DAEL, DANC, DAPH, DAVA, DPx100, DT1, DT2, DT3, DT5, DT8, M17, M21, M23, M27, M31, M33, M37, M41, M43, M61, M63, MA7, MAN7, MAT1, MAT2, MAT3, MAT4, MAT5, MCD7, MCF5, MCF7, MCX5, MCX7, ME7, MEM3, MEM5, MEP3, MEP5, MEX2, MEX3, MEX5, MEX8, MFT5, MFT7, MG5, MIM7, MIT1, MIT3, MIT5, MIX7, MJX7, MMD3, MMD5, MMF7, MMJ7, MMN5, MMX1, MPE6, MPF6, MPG6, MPJ6, MQ7, MR5, MS5, MT7, MTA2, MTA3, MTA5, MTX5, MVE7, MVX7, MVX8, MX7, MZ7, RDE4, RDE5, RDE6, RDE8, RDN4, RDN5, RDN6, RDN8, RDY4, RDY5, RDY6, RDY8, RP2E, RP2N, RP2Y, RPPE3, RPPE4, RPEE6, RPPE7, RPPE8, RPPN3, RPPN4, RPPN6, RPPN7, RPPN8, RPPY3, RPPY4, RPPY7, RT2E, RT2N, RT2Y, RTAA3, RTNAA4, RTAE3, RTAE4, RTAY3, RTAY4, RTNA3, RTNA4, RTNE3, RTNE4, RTNY3, RTNY4, T 06696.0001, T 06696.0005, T 06697.0001, T 06697.0005, T 06698.0002, T 08406.0001, T 08406.0003, T 08406.0004, T 08406.0006, T 08406.0007, T 08406.0009, T 08406.0016, T 08406.0017, T 08406.0019, T 08406.0020, T 08406.1020, T 08406.1300, T 08406.1500, T 08406.2020, T 08410.0100, T 08410.0101, T 08410.0102, T 08410.0103, T 08410.0104, T 08410.0105, T 08410.0106, T 08410.0200, T 08410.0201, T 08410.0202, T 08410.0203, T 08410.0205, T 08410.0206, T 08410.0300, T 08410.0301, T 08410.0302, T 08410.0303, T 08410.0304, T 08410.0305, T 08410.0306, T 08416.0100, T 08416.0101, T 08416.0102, T 08416.0103, T 08416.0104, T 08416.0105, T 08416.0200, T 08416.0201, T 08416.0202, T 08416.0203, T 08416.0204, T 08416.0205, T 08416.0206, T 08641.0003, T 08641.0006, T 08641.0009, T 08641.0010, T 08641.0011, T 08641.0012, T 08641.0013, T 08854.0001, T 08854.0003, T 08854.0004, T 08854.0006, T 08854.0007, T 08854.0009, T 09093.0000, T 09093.0001, T 09093.0003, T 09093.0004, T 09093.0020, T 09093.0021, T 09093.0022, T 09093.0023, T 09093.0024, T 09143.0000, T 09143.0001, T 09143.0002, T 09143.0005, T 09143.0006, T 09143.0007, T 09144.0000, T 09144.0001, T 09144.0002, T 09144.0005, T 09144.0006, T 09144.0007, T 09178.0000, T 09178.0001, T 09178.0002, T 09178.0005, T 09178.0006, T 09178.0007, T 09309.0000, T 09309.0001, T 09309.0002, T 09309.0005, T 09309.0006, T 09309.0007, T 09310.0000, T 09310.0001, T 09310.0002, T 09310.0005, T 09310.0006, T 09310.0007, T 09346.0300, T 09346.0301, T 09346.0302, T 09346.0303, T 09346.0304, T 09346.0305, T 09346.0306, T 09346.0601, T 09346.0602, T 09346.0604, T 09346.0901, T 09346.0903, T 09367.0201, T 09367.0202, T 09367.0203, TB 040, TB 063, TB 080, TB 100, TB 160, TBA 072, TBH 080, TBH 100, TBHA 080, TBHA 100, TBHI 100, TBHI 130, TBI 80, TBI 100, TBI 130, TBI 160, TBL 100, TBW 100, TBX 080, TBX 100, TBX 160, TSF 063, TSF 080, TSF 100, TSF 160, TSF 250, TSSE 100, TSFE 160, TSS 063, TSS 080, TSS 100, TSS 160, TSS 250, TSSE 160, ZDPHN, ZDPHNE, ZDPHNY, ZDPN, ZDPNE, ZDPNY, ZDPWN, ZDPWNE, ZDPWNY, ZPHN, ZPHNE, ZPHNY, ZPN, ZPNE, ZPNY, ZT3, ZT4, ZTE3, ZTE4, ZTN4, ZTNE4, ZTNY4, ZTY3, ZTY4, Seals, Manifolds, Stub connectors, Thermowells, Capillaries, Cocks and Valves, Adapters, Siphons, Cooling adapter, Pressure gauges, Pressure switches, Temperature switches, Temperature sensors, Thermometers, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Water treatment, Energy / Power plants, HVAC, Refrigeration

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