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Design 105 mm – hollow shaft or cone shaft – The new absolute reference – Absolute HeavyDuty encoders HMG10 / PMG10

The new absolute reference

HMG10 / PMG10

  • Hollow shaft ø16 ... 20 mm
  • Solid shaft ø11 mm with EURO flange B10
  • Design 105 mm and 115 mm
  • Precise magnetic singleturn position sensing
  • Gearless and batteryless multiturn micro-generator
  • Total resolution up to 40 bits
  • SSI, CANopen, Profibus-DP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP
  • Additional incremental signals with zero pulse
  • Robust HeavyDuty mechanic
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Programmmable encoders – Intelligent HeavyDuty encoders HMG10P / PMG10P – HeavyDuty incremental  – HeavyDuty absolute

Programmmable encoders


  • Design 105 mm and 115 mm
  • Hollow shaft ø16 ... 20 mm
  • Solid shaft ø11 mm with EURO flange B10
  • Parameterization of SSI absolute position, pulse number and switching speed
  • Convenient monitoring of current signals
  • Intuitive configuration with PC, tablet and smartphone via WLAN adapter
  • SSI, CANopen, Profibus-DP, „PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP
  • Integrated speed switch
  • Additional incremental signals with zero pulse
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Large hollow shaft up to 70 mm

Large hollow shaft up to 70 mm

HMG 161

  • Design 160 mm
  • Through-hollow shaft 38 ... 70 mm
  • Optical singleturn position sensing
  • Gearless and batteryless multiturn micro-generator
  • Total resolution up to 29 bits
  • SSI, CANopen, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet
  • Corrosion and salt water resistant
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Your benefits

Robust mechanics, reliable electronics, easy installation: our absolute HeavyDuty encoders operate reliably, 24/7 under the toughest conditions. They are strong contributors to avoiding failures and high downtime costs and thus are a key ingredient to the high availability of your machine or system.

  • Highest availability and unrivalled durability under harshest ambient conditions.
    • Proven HeavyDuty design, double-sided bearing setup, HeavyDuty connection technology, highly robust sensing
  • Failure safety in any environment
    • Extremely durable aluminum or stainless steel housing, outstanding corrosion protection up to category CX (C5-M), long-term stable sealing concept, operating temperature up to -40...+95 °C
  • Efficient protection against bearing damage
    • Double-sided bearing setup (where  possible), generously dimensioned bearings with large bearing spacing, high bearing load reserve for large radial / axial shaft loads, no inductive shaft currents due to hybrid bearings with ceramic balls
  • Improved control and process quality in the application
    • Ultra-robust and precise singleturn position sensing, best electromagnetic compatibilty
  • Maintenance free operation
    • No wear parts, energy harvesting HeavyDuty revolution counter MicroGen without battery and without gear
  • Explosion protection
    • ATEX certification Ex II 3G / 3D for Zone 2 available upon request
  • Future-proof for industry 4.0 and IIoT
    • Access to parameters and additional information via Profinet & OPC UA, cloud-compatible to optimize processes such as preventive maintenance


Absolute HeavyDuty encoders deliver the absolute angular position of shafts, for example rotor shafts in electric motor or cable drums at container cranes. Singleturn encoders acquire the absolute position within one turn of the encoder shaft, while multiturn encoders additionally provide the number of turns completed by the encoder shaft. Usually, referencing of absolute encoder shaft position is carried out during commissioning. In this way, the need for reference travel after power-on is eliminated.

In addition to the absolute position output via serial digital interfaces such as SSI or fieldbuses, absolute HeavyDuty encoders still allow the output of the incremental position, for example, as HTL / TTL signals, for simple processing in speed controllers with incremental input. Individual HeavyDuty encoder versions are also available with speed switches, which report a too high or too low speed via a switch output.

Absolute HeavyDuty encoders are designed for maximum robustness and durability, with enormous mechanical reserves to ensure reliable performance even in the harshest environments:

  • Steelworks and rolling mills
  • Port installations and crane technology
  • Hoists and lifting platforms
  • Underground and open pit mining
  • Materials handling equipment
  • Large drives and generators
  • Wind turbines


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