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Capacitive sensor PL240

Point level detection without impairments by adhesion or films

  • Up to 1 mm gap between sensor and container
  • Highly resistant to moisture and wetness
  • Resistant against tank contact
  • Compensation of adhesion

PL240 - Compact and performant

Non-contact level detection, even if the inside walls of the tank are covered by film or residue: Thanks to its innovative, intelligent measuring principle, the new PL240 capacitive sensor reliably detects fill levels even under challenging conditions

  • Compact 40x40 mm with clearly visible LEDs

  • For all types of water-based fluids and container walls up to 6 mm thickness

  • Plug & play for most applications with additional teach by wire for most demanding tasks

  • Push-pull output, compatible to PNP and NPN inputs

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