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With media contact

  • Particularly robust housing for long service life
  • Compensation of dirt and moisture
  • Non-flush variants for maximum sensitivity
  • Specialized sensors for contaminated media
  • Product variants for oil detection at mobile machines
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  • Reliable point level detection through container walls
  • Cylindrical and cubic variants
  • Sensors compensate foam and adhesion
  • Plug and Play for most applications
  • Easy installation by screw connections, cable clamps or adhesive tape
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Easy mounting solution

Easy mounting solution

  • Installation flexibility thanks to unique mounting frame
  • Sensor easily snaps in and out without tools
  • Optional cascading of several sensors
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Point level sensors CleverLevel

  • Media-independent
  • Unaffected by adhering or sticky media
  • Maintenance-free
  • Limited process intervention
  • IO-Link - Industry 4.0 and IIoT ready
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Your benefits
  • Reliable detection
    • Recognizing any medium
    • Insensitive to dust and soiling
    • Contactless and wear-free
    • Application-specific teaching or adjustable via potentiometer for optimum detection
  • Quick and easy installation
    • High mounting flexibility thanks to matching accessories
    • Easily installed at tanks or tubes with adhesive strips or cable clamps
  • Flexible in use
    • Detection of media through non-conductive container walls
    • No contamination or soiling of the medium
    • Point level detection in aggressive media
    • Use with direct media contact
  • Maximum process reliability
    • Longlife thanks to robust housing and non-contact sensing
    • Low maintenance, even at long-term
    • High temperature stability



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