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Product portfolio

The incremental HeavyDuty standard

HOG86 / POG86

  • Blind hollow shaft, cone shaft and solid shaft
  • 500 ... 5000 ppr
  • Operating temperature -40 ... +100 °C
  • Particularly cost-efficient E -series
  • Redundant sensing
  • Twin encoder combination
  • Integrated digital DSL speed switch
  • Combined with mechanical FSL speed switch
  • EMS function monitoring for maximum system uptime
  • ATEX II 3G/3D for use in zones 2/22
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Unmatched variety, proven robustness


  • Blind hollow shaft, cone shaft and solid shaft
  • 300 … 10 000 ppr
  • Operating temperature -30 ... +100 °C
  • Twin encoder combination
  • Variants with extremely short mounting depth
  • EMS function monitoring for maximum system uptime
  • ATEX II 3G/3D for use in zones 2/22
  • ATEX / IECEx II 2G for use in zone 1
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The unrivalled benchmark

HOG10 / POG10

  • Blind hollow, cone and solid shaft
  • 300 … 10 000 ppr / 720 … 5000 sine periods
  • Operating temperature -40 … +100 °C
  • Hybrid bearings, corrosion protection C5-M
  • Redundant sensing, twin encoder combination
  • EMS function monitoring for maximum system uptime
  • ATEX II 3G/3D for use in zones 2/22
  • Optional heating for operating temperatures down to -50 °C
  • Optional integrated earthing brushes
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SinCos output – LowHarmonics for outstanding signal quality

OGS71 ... HOGS151

  • SinCos output signals 1 Vpp
  • Negligible harmonic content thanks to LowHarmonics technology
  • Blind hollow shaft, cone shaft and solid shaft
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Solid shaft with EURO flange B10

  • The HeavyDuty standard in solid shaft encoders
  • Design 115 mm
  • Solid shaft ø11 mm with EURO flange B10
  • The broadest portfolio of HeavyDuty encoders
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Complete portfolio of solid shaft designs

  • Designs 58 to 120 mm
  • Solid shafts ø6 ... 11 mm
  • Square wave and SinCos output signals
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Large hollow shafts >20 mm to 150 mm

  • Encoders with integral bearings for large drive shafts
  • Bearingless encoders in hollow shaft design up to 3000 mm diameter see under bearingless encoders
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Complete portfolio of hollow shaft designs

  • Designs 58 to 287 mm
  • Hollow shaft ø8 ... 150 mm
  • Square wave and SinCos output signals
  • Cost-efficient and reliable installation
  • Broad accessory range
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For Ex areas

  • ATEX II 3G/3D for use in zones 2/22
  • ATEX II 2G for use in zone 1
  • Variants with IECEx certificate
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For corrosive environment

  • Corrosion resistance C4 and C5-M
  • DNV certified variants
  • Offshore capable and saltwater proof
  • Tropics-compatible variants on request
  • Integrated heating for operation at temperatures down to -55 °C on request
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For highspeed applications – optical technology without integral bearings

  • Operating speed up to 30 000 rpm
  • Hollow shaft up to Ø120 mm
  • No self-heating by bearing friction
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HeavyDuty encoders for use in functional safety

  • PLd / SIL2 certification compliant to EN 13849 and EN 62061
  • LowHarmonics technology for excellent SinCos signal quality
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Your benefits

Robust mechanics, reliable electronics, easy installation: Our incremental HeavyDuty encoders reliably operate in 24/7 operation permanent under the toughest conditions. They make significant contributions to avoid failures and high standstill cost, and thus give a key contribution to the high availability of your machine or system.

  • Highest availability and unrivalled durability under harshest ambient conditions
    • Proven HeavyDuty design, double-sided bearing setup, HeavyDuty connection technology, highly robust sensing
  • Failure safety in any environment
    • Extremely durable aluminum or stainless steel housing, outstanding corrosion protection up to category C5-M, long-term stable sealing concept, operating temperature up to -40 ... +100 °C (as option -50 °C)
  • Efficient protection against bearing damage
    • Double-sided bearing setup (where possible), generously dimensioned bearings with large bearing spacing, high bearing load reserve for large radial / axial shaft loads, no inductive shaft currents due to hybrid bearings with ceramic balls
  • Improved control and process quality in the application
    • Interference-proof, precise sensing with Opto-ASIC, best electromagnetic compatibilty
  • Less drive heating and higher energy efficiency
    • Perfect sinusoidal signal quality by LowHarmonics® technology, SinCos signals with negligibly small harmonic component
  • Reliable signal transmission over long distances
    • Powerful output drivers for cable lengths up to 350 m (HTL-P) and 550 m (TTL), signal transmission via optical fiber up to 1500 m
  • Standard explosion protection
    • ATEX certification Ex II 3G / 3D for Zone 2 for almost all devices, versions with ATEX / IECEx certification Ex II 2G for Zone 1
  • Easy and flexible product selection
    • All common mounting types (hollow shaft, cone shaft, shaft with EURO flange B10), connection via terminal box / flange socket M23 / cable, output signals HTL-P / TTL/RS422 / SinCos 1 Vpp / optial fiber
  • Versatile designs and options
    • Redundant encoders, twin encoders, combinations with speed switch and tacho for special tasks and safety functions, special offshore variants, protection for salt water and tropical environment
  • Convenient diagnostics for higher availability
    • Continuous testing of numerous rotary encoder functions with function monitoring EMS, detection of connection errors already during assembly, shortening commissioning and error search


Incremental HeavyDuty encoders provide information on speed and angular position. Their resolution is expressed as the number of pulses (square-wave signals) and the sinusoidal (SinCos) signals per revolution, which the rotary encoder transmits to the controller with each revolution of its shaft. SinCos signals can be interpolated in a controller or in a controller to increase the resolution.

The upstream control identifies the current speed by the pulse numbers counted within a defined time period, while the current position information is identified by the counted pulses or SinCos periods, respectively. At system power-on, a reference travel is required since the encoder information may have been lost during power off and further to eliminate any incorrect result caused by any shaft rotation performed during power-off.

Incremental HeavyDuty encoders are designed for maximum robustness and durability, with enormous mechanical reserves to ensure reliable performance even in the harshest environments:

  • Steelworks and rolling mills
  • Port installations and crane technology
  • Hoists and lifting platforms
  • Underground and open pit mining
  • Materials handling equipment
  • Large drives and generators
  • Wind turbines


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