How we grow with our customers

Partnership. Precision. Pioneering Spirit. We have been living these values for more than 70 years. Starting in 1952, Baumer microswitches initially ensured efficient production processes. Today, our high-precision, smart sensor solutions for factory and process automation pave the way to the smart factory. With our uniquely broad portfolio, we help our customers to conserve resources and manufacture more efficiently. Since we focus on sustainable, trusting cooperation, we can quickly and flexibly present our customers with the best solution for their challenges.

Find out how the Swiss specialist for precision mechanics, founded in 1952 by Herbert Baumer in Frauenfeld (Switzerland), has grown into a global high-tech company. By the way: We start the next 70 years with the same enthusiasm for precision and innovation as always. For our customers and for a world worth living in.

See the milestones from 1952 to today.


2022 - Groundbreaking ceremony for the new Innovation Center Switzerland

Baumer is continuing its innovation offensive with the construction of the new Innovation Center Switzerland at its headquarters in Frauenfeld, where development teams can work on smart sensor solutions at state-of-the-art workstations. The building is designed for maximum energy efficiency.


2019 – EU Logistics-Hub Stockach (Germany) is put into operation

A milestone in the Baumer history – the new robot-controlled logistics center for Europe responds even faster and with more flexibility to the rapidly and ever-growing market demands. Centralized logistics automation will meet our customers’ requirements for prompt delivery and lead time adherence.


2019 – Opening a new production site in North Macedonia

By opening a new production plant in Skopje (Northern Macedonia) we consider the demographic change and will further strengthen the Baumer position in Europe and the world. The opening ceremony was a common event celebrated by representatives from politics, the free trade zone and the Baumer Management.


2018 – Move into High-Tech Center Bodensee

Baumer lays the foundation for further expansion. The new High-Tech Center Bodensee provides a space of more than 7000 sqm for research and development, to tackle industry 4.0 projects and to support marketing and product promotion. In addition, more than 6000 sqm new production floor will host electronic SMD placement. The new, modern and efficient EU logistics hub is scheduled to become operational in 2019.


2016 - Ground-breaking ceremony for the Baumer High-Tech Center Bodensee

Baumer is investing in its future with a new building in Stockach on Lake Constance (near to Constance) in Southern Germany. At the Stockach – Bodman-Ludwigshafen site, in addition to a central logistics center for Europe, a new high-tech center for Research & Development and Production is being built.


2012 - Baumer Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Waaree Instruments Ltd. becomes Baumer Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. and is fully integrated in the Baumer Group in May 2012.


2012 - Swiss Lean Award

KMU Swiss AG bestows the "Swiss Lean Award 2012" on Baumer. This prize is the national award for top performance based on lean management philosophy.


2012 - Baumer celebrating 60 years in Frauenfeld

The Baumer Group employs about 2,500 workers worldwide in 36 subsidiaries and 18 countries. The company headquarters in Frauenfeld, Switzerland celebrates its 60th company anniversary. In the same year the Baumer Group receives the Thurgau motivation award.


2011 - Expansion in India

Baumer completely takes over Waaree Instruments Ltd., a business unit of the Waaree Group. The acquisition represents the consistent implementation of its international expansion strategy and expands the Process Instruments product segment with 500 employees in Mumbai.


2011 - Construction of a new building in Kirchberg, Switzerland

The Baumer Group invests in the construction of a new building and strengthens its location in Switzerland. The activities here are focused on the development and manufacture of sensors and measuring equipment for pressure and temperature measurement as well as on wheel load scales.


2010 - New business venture in South America

To further expand its presence in South America, Baumer incorporates a new sales company in Brazil, Baumer do Brasil Ltda in Sao Paulo. In this promising country Baumer is now banking on the new location in the commercial center São Paulo.


2010 - Construction of new buildings in Berlin – strengthens the Motion Control competence center

Ground-breaking ceremony for the newly constructed buildings of Baumer Hübner GmbH in Berlin, the competence center for encoders and tachogenerators with Heavy Duty technology. The project includes the construction of a new development and production building and a training center.


2008 - TOP employer for the first time

Baumer Electric AG ranks among the best employers in Switzerland. Certification as Top Employer is given only to companies which meet the highest HR standards.


2008 - New sales and training center

In September 2008 the conversion of the sales and training center in Frauenfeld is inaugurated. State-of-the art facilities are now available for customer and staff training.


2008 - Opening ceremony of the sales branch in Pune, India

The new sales company Baumer India Pvt. Ltd. provides customers competent service and direct support on site. In addition to its location in Pune, Baumer India also has offices in Vadodara and Bangalore.


2008 - Opening ceremony of Baumer China Co. Ltd.

The Baumer Group enters the Chinese market and opens its first sales branch in Shanghai. 40 employees work in sales, marketing, after installation service and logistics on a 1,400 square meter site.


2007 - Uniform global corporate identity under the Baumer brand

The companies in the Baumer Group share a uniform global corporate image and a new logo under the Baumer corporate brand. The shared name and reorganization of the sales companies speed up internationalization and streamline product sales around the world.


2007 - Generation change

Helmut Vietze passes away in May 2007. He shaped the success story of Baumer for 45 years. In 2007 the Baumer Group employs over 1,900 people. Dr. Oliver Vietze becomes CEO & Chairman. Baumer continues to be a family-owned company and one of the largest employers in Frauenfeld.


2005 - Bourdon – the original is available only from Baumer

Acquisition of the Bourdon Haenni Group, which specializes in instruments and sensors for process automation.


2002 - Baumer celebrating 50 years

Baumer Electric AG based in Frauenfeld celebrates its 50th company anniversary. The family-owned business has become an international group. The Baumer Group generates 225 million francs in sales worldwide.


2002 - Expansion of Motion Control activities through takeover of the Hübner Berlin Group

Acquisition of the Hübner Group comprising the two companies Hübner Elektromaschinen AG, Berlin and Thalheim Tachometerbau GmbH & Co. KG, Eschwege.


2001 - hhs

Acquisition of hhs Leimauftragssystem GmbH, Krefeld, Germany.


1999 - Construction of an extension building in Frauenfeld

Construction of an extension building for the production facility in Frauenfeld and acquisition of Schläpfer Sensors AG, Hagenbuch.


1998 - Printing and packaging technology

Acquisition of an equity stake in System Kurandt GmbH, Berlin, specializing in precision sensors for printing and packaging technology.


1997 - Beginning of KAIZEN activities

The foundation is laid for operations according to KAIZEN philosophy. KAIZEN is synonymous with the continuous improvement process which all Baumer employees implement actively and is supported by many proactive suggestions for optimization.


1997 - Baumer in Canada

Foundation of Baumer Electric Inc. in Burlington, Canada.


1997 - Foundation of Baumer Optronic

Foundation of Baumer Optronic GmbH in Radeberg, Germany.


1996 - Italy, Switzerland, Germany

The foundation of Baumer Electric Srl. Assago in Italy, the acquisition of an equity stake in Tagix AG, Mägenwil, renaming as Baumer Ident AG, and the purchase of an equity stake in Massen GmbH in Konstanz, Germany take place in the same year.


1996 - Baumer continues to expand "Motion Control" division

The Motion Control division is expanded by the takeover of the IVO Group comprising Irion & Vosseler GmbH in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany and IVO Industrie Sarl. in Illkirch, France.


1993 - Foundation of Baumer sales in France

Electric S.a.r.l. relocates to a new building in Fillinges, France.


1992 - Baumer becomes ISO 9001 certified

Baumer Electric AG receives the SQS certificate ISO 9001.


1991 - Foundation of Baumer Holding AG (Baumer Group)

The legal basis for the group is established through the foundation of Baumer Holding AG in Frauenfeld.


1989 - Expansion in Europe

In Germany, Baumer Electric GmbH moves into its new building in Friedberg. The takeover of Britec Ltd. in Swindon, England, which is renamed Baumer Electric Ltd., takes place in the very same year.


1988 - Baumer USA

Baumer Electric Ltd., Southington, USA, is founded. The number of employees increases to 300. 30% work in technology, the rest in production. Over 10% of sales is invested in the research and development of new, advanced, and innovative products for the sensor market.


1988 - Baumer sensors in space

In 1988 Baumer is commissioned to manufacture sensors for Europe's Ariane launch rocket.


1987 - Encoders for the airbus industry

The encoders developed for the airbus industry are another milestone in the company's history. Baumer meets the stringent quality requirements of the aviation industry, thus creating the basis for modern quality processes.


1987 - 35th anniversary

35 years after the foundation of the company, Baumer is on the road to international success. Its sales volume reaches 30 million Swiss francs. 250 people are employed.


1986 - Baumer France

In France, Baumer Electric S.a.r.l. is founded in Bron/Lyon.


1984 - Four-time expansion in 30 years

Baumer electric expands its factory premises for the 4th time in the past 30 years and employs 167 people. Over 29 graduate engineers and technicians continuously look for new ways to meet national market requirements. More than 15% of the staff work in the research and development department.


1982 - 30th anniversary Baumer tops the 10 million mark

In 1982 the company achieves a sales volume of over 10 million Swiss francs for the first time. The number of employees increases to 135.


1981 - Production launch of photoelectric sensors

Baumer enters the photoelectric sensor market and presents itself in red – from its catalogs to its booth at Ineltec in Basel, Switzerland.


1980 - Growth in Europe

Expansion of the sensor business – also through the foundation of Baumer Electric GmbH in Frankfurt.


1979 - First steps into the Far East

Baumer recognizes the trend and increases its exports abroad. The export ratio of "My-Com" in Japan zooms up to 35%. All in all, the export ratio of Baumer electric amounts to 45%.


1977 - 25th anniversary

Baumer Electric AG celebrates its 25th company anniversary and expands its facilities over the next few years.


1972 - Official opening ceremony of the new building

The official opening ceremony of the new factory and administration building on Hummelstrasse in Frauenfeld is held on the occasion of the company's 20th anniversary. Baumer Electric AG employs 28 people, who generate a sales volume of 1.5 million Swiss francs. 250,000 micro-switches are produced per year, 45% of which are exported.


1970 - Sales exceed the million mark for the first time

Baumer is growing and is therefore planning the construction of a building of its own on Hummelstrasse. The foundation is laid for today's company headquarters.


1969 - First inductive proximity switch

The first non-contacting proximity switch is produced during the general development of electronics. This marks the beginning of the transition from mechanical to electronic systems, referred to as electronic switches or initiators. The term "sensors" is not common yet.


1967 - 15th company anniversary

The company's number of staff increases to 15 employees.


1966 - First production of µCOM

Baumer launches its instrument and control switch, the basis of all future success. So the world's most exact precision switch comes from Frauenfeld, Switzerland. My-Com is still featured in the portfolio today and paved the way for the company's international success.


1966 - Baumer electric becomes a corporation

The owner-run company is incorporated as Baumer Electric AG.


1964 - Change in the management

Takeover of the management by Helmut Vietze after the decease of the company founder Herbert Baumer.


1962 - Helmut Vietze enters the company

Helmut Vietze joins Baumer electric as a toolmaker. The company has 10 employees at that time.


1960 - Expansion of the product range with program controls

Production of the first program control series that can monitor and control the timing of electrically controlled production flows.


1952 - Foundation of the company

Herbert Baumer, graduate engineer from ETH university in Zürich (Dipl. Ing. ETH), founds Baumer electric as an owner-run company. For this purpose, rooms are rented in a former shoe factory on Schlossmühlestrasse 11 in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. First production of 500 series micro-switches for monitoring and controlling electrically controlled production flows.

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