Production of the future

The triangle of Stockach – Bodman-Ludwigshafen is going to host the new Baumer high-tech center and logistics hub for Europe. Once the several construction phases have been finalized, the hub is intended to boost the Baumer innovation initiative.

For Baumer, their new high-tech center located in the attractive region of Lake Constance and easily accessed by the main traffic routes is an important investment in the future. With its approx. 48,000 square meters, the real estate provides enough space for the envisaged long-term development of the Baumer Group. The project is being realized in several construction phases. The first phase, with a total floor space of 18,000 square meters, comprises a logistics hall, a three-floor production building (8,300 sq.m.) and a three-floor office building (7,100 sq.m). 

Attractive workplaces
Most modern architecture and a trendsetting space concept create an attractive working ambiance in modern offices, generously dimensioned meeting zones and a cafeteria for exchange and recreation. Intended to serve as a place of encounters and platform for inspiration, communication and expertise exchange, the new high tech center is going to host the creative brains and teamwork which is a cornerstone for the outstanding innovations reflecting both in the Baumer products and business processes. 

Sustainable and energy-efficient
The architecture of the new high-tech center is focused on sustainability, energy efficiency and cutting-edge infrastructure for man-machine interfacing (Industry 4.0). The waste heat emitted in production and recovered from the air conditioning system is used for heating with the counterpart in the energy concept being free cooling together with the building’s high-thermal isolated façade with solar control glazing. Baumer strives for the building to be awarded the “gold” certificate by the DGNB ("German Sustainable Building Council"). 

Fast and efficient
The new logistics hub for Europe aims at even faster and more flexible reactions to ever-growing market demands. To ensure this purpose being met, the logistic center is going to host all-automated central warehousing equipped with cutting-edge technology so the Baumer customers in Europe will be supplied within 24 hours.

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