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Text reader (OCR/OCV) with code reading function


  • Image-based inspection of plain text and codes
  • Improved identification algorithms
  • Integrated illumination and lenses
  • TCP/UDP (Ethernet), PROFINET, or Ethernet/IP, digital I/Os
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VeriSens Application Suite

  • 4 steps configuration
  • Configurable web interface
  • Offline test mode
  • Free software download
  • Video tutorials

Scope of performance
Versatile text readers with code reading function – VeriSens ID series – Scope of performance

Almost all contemporary products feature texts for labelling and identification – from batch numbers, type names, serial numbers, to best-before dates. These must be tested quickly and reliably within the scope of permanent quality assurance and continuous product traceability.

In a single image, the VeriSens text readers can read plain text consisting of numbers, characters, and symbols (OCR) and evaluate its print quality (OCV) – and if required directly inline in your production process as well. Misprints caused by wet or statically charged surfaces, false triggers, or depleted ink are identified immediately, lowering costs through the early ejection of faulty products. Thanks to the intuitively operable VeriSens Application Suite, you can configure the text readers for your application quickly and error-free – even without elaborate font training.

In addition, all VeriSens text readers have an additional code reading function. This allows them to simultaneously read and check plain text as well as barcodes (1D codes such as EAN/GTIN) and matrix codes (2D codes such as DataMatrix). The ID510 models with integrated Industrial Ethernet (PROFINET or Ethernet/IP) support easy integration in your system. The configurable web interface, which can also be operated by machine and system operators, offers optional visualizations and job adjustments in production.

Your benefits
  • Image-based inline quality control and real-time communication
    • 100% inspection with up to 4000 inspections/minute
    • Reading (OCR) and verifying (OCV) of plain text (numbers, characters, and symbols)
    • Reading of barcodes and matrix codes (EAN/GTIN, ECC200, GS1, QR, PDF417)
    • Evaluation of the code quality according to ISO/IEC 15416 and 15415 or AIM DPM-1-2006
    • Selected models with integrated Industrial Ethernet (PROFINET or Ethernet/IP)
  • Fast and easy to configure
    • Reading different fonts without prior teaching in (font training)
    • Integrated FTP/SFTP client for the storage of live images and defect images for further analysis
    • VeriSens Application Suite incl. web interface and device simulators
  • Visualization and subsequent parameterization in the browser of the machine control
    • Configurable web interface
    • Image-based inspection supports fast product changes


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