Strain Probes – DSRK – Robust measuring probe DSRK – Strain probes

Strain probes

  • Strain measurement in deep holes up to over 2 m
  • Robust and maintenance-free
  • Permanent installations
  • For harsh industrial environments
  • Integrated amplifier electronics
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Strain pin

Strain pin

  • Strain measurement in holes
  • Permanent installations
  • Compact design
  • Cost-effective force measurement using strain requests

Video "Robust strain probe"

Robust strain probe DSRK with glued strain gauge ensures easy installation with long-term stability. The perfectly harmonized geometry of the sensing head with flat inlet and clamping collar eliminates the risk of damage. The probe is inserted in the borehole in non-stressed condition. Just a few mechanical twists suffice to spread the clamping collar of the sensing head which firmly holds the probe in the optimal position. This will ensure absolute measuring precision.

Your benefit
  • Improved machine productivity
    • Maintenance-free, so shorter machine down times
  • Improved machine performance
    • Higher operating temperature thanks to elastomer-free design
  • Optimized logistics
    • No stocking of replacement devices, thanks to maintenance-free design
    • Measurement of forces of different tie bar diameters with one sensor
  • Improved machine capability
    • Aging-resistant measuring signals thanks to the use of bonded strain gages
    • Protection from major damage (overloaded tie bars / damage to tools)
    • Sufficient clamping force
    • Improved process control and regulation
    • Quality control through verification of process parameters
  • Cost savings in installation
    • Thanks to factory strain calibration, no further adjustment of the machine parameters necessary in case of sensor replacement
    • Risk-free replacement thanks to robust measuring head



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