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EtherCAT - Industrial internship at Baumer in cooperation with Furtwangen University

We are dedicated to our technologies - and want to pass on our passion. For this year's industrial internship in cooperation with Furtwangen University, we invited students to our Stockach location. This year, the focus on interfaces in the field of Industry 4.0.  

70 years anniversary at Baumer – One more reason to celebrate!

Together we celebrated 70 years of Baumer with drinks and food in Frauenfeld.

Apprenticeship at Baumer - Apprentice selection day in Berlin

During our one-day trial apprenticeships at Baumer Hübner in Berlin, everyone was actively committed. The young talents gained exciting insights into the activities and training contents of an industrial clerk, mechatronics engineer and chipping mechanic

Girls' Day 2022

We look forward to this year's Girls' Day, to getting once more young talents inspired for the technology and career opportunities at Baumer. The interested female youngsters can expect exciting insights into electrical engineering, mechatronics, technical design, product development and also  lots of fun! 

Groundbreaking ceremony - New Innovation Center at the Frauenfeld headquarters

There is something to celebrate! With the groundbreaking ceremony in Frauenfeld, a new Innovation Center is being built at our headquarters. Modern workplaces are being created and with them even more space for innovation. Learn more in the article.

Health care with a fun factor

Health promotion with a fun factor - employees from Logstik report on their experiences from the "Happy Back" course at Baumer. We learned where back pain can come from in everyday life and which exercises help. These exercises don't require any equipment or a lot of time - but they are a lot of fun.
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