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Mechanical counters

Mechanical counters

  • Adding stroke, meter and revolution counters
  • Max. 7-dgit number wheel display
  • With or without reset
  • Top mount
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Mechanical hand-held piece counters

Mechanical hand-held piece counters

  • Adding mode
  • 4-digit number wheel display
  • Metal or plastic housing
  • Retaining ring, wall or top mount
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Electronic totalizers

  • Universal counting input
  • Adding or subtracting
  • Configurable counting method
  • 5-digit LED display, 3 colors
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The advantages of totalizers
  • Broad application area for many industry-specific applications
  • Easy-to-read displays
  • Easy and practical operation
  • Reliable, durable and robust function
  • Value retention in case of power failure
  • Spindle position displays for incremental encoders
  • Scalable measured value


A totalizer is a measuring instrument that is used to count and totalize events in industrial and technical areas. It can be mechanical or electronic, with mechanical counters being robust and independent of power sources, while electronic counters offer higher accuracy and digital functions.

Counting, measuring, displaying, monitoring and controlling all types of operations, e.g. in logistics, handling and manufacturing:

  • Linear and rotary positions and speeds
  • Lengths
  • Production volumes
  • Events
  • Cycles
  • Revolutions
  • People
  • Flow rates
  • Sum counting of two parallel production lines
  • Consumption
  • and many more

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