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Miniature sensors

  • Best-in-class blind zone of 15 mm 
  • Optimum sensor setting thanks to enhanced functions such as sonic cone adjustment or disruption filter
  • Efficient integration and additional data via the IO-Link interface
  • Sensing distances up to 1000 mm
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Robust ultrasonic sensors with flexible parameterization

Robust ultrasonic sensors with flexible parameterization

  • Extremely resistant sealed sensor element
  • Very short blind range of 20 mm
  • IO-Link functionality for flexible parameterization and easy installation
  • Also available with 2 output switches, as a retro-reflective or through beam-sensor
  • Sensing distances up to 2000 mm
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Ultrasonic sensors for front mount

  • Extremely compact, flat-housing designs
  • Cylindrical variants in M18 or M30 housing with connector or cable outlet
  • With teach-in, potentiometer or qTeach
  • Different distance ranges for varied applications
  • Sensing distance up to 2000 mm
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Large sensing distances

  • High degree of signal reliability thanks to narrow sonic beam
  • Available with 2 independent switching outputs
  • Easy one-button configuration
  • Sensing distances up to 6000 mm
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High-speed sensors

High-speed sensors

  • World's fastest ultrasonic sensor
  • Response time of only 1.3 ms
  • Sensors with sonic nozzle for small openings
  • Vertical and horizontal repeat accuracy of 0.5 mm
  • Sensing distances up to 70 mm
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Sensors with sonic nozzles – Level measurement into very small containers

Sensors with sonic nozzles

  • Very narrow sonic beam for openings up to Ø3 mm
  • Detection of the smallest objects
  • Narrow housing for close arrangement (stacking)
  • Resolution up to 0.1 mm
  • Sensing distances up to 150 mm
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Chemically robust ultrasonic sensors  – Miniature M12 sensors – chemically robust                         – Robust stainless steel miniature ultrasonic sensors – Miniature distance sensors M12 - chemically robust – Chemically robust ultrasonic distance sensors

Chemically robust ultrasonic sensors

  • High chemical resistance thanks to special coating
  • Easy mounting and parameterization
  • Fast response times < 6 ms
  • Sensing distances up to 1000 mm
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Ultrasonic sensors with IO-Link

  • Modification of the sonic cone or activation of filtering in the field
  • Individual sensor setting
  • Additional data
  • Fast implementation and easy sensor exchange with automatic parameter transfer
  • Supporting the latest IO-Link standard 1.1
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Universal element for attachment to system profiles

  • Rods in various lengths with and without jig for mounting plate
  • Mounting base for attachment to standard profiles
  • Cross connector for better flexibility
  • Mounting plates for various sensors
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Sectors and application areas

Reliably high-performance ultrasonic sensors with integrated setting and filter options

The new generation of the ultrasonic sensors U300, U500 and UR18 impresses with reliable integrated setting and filter options via the IO-Link interface. The choice of the preset sonic cone width (narrow, medium, wide) allows individual adjustment to the format. This means that different application options can be reliably handled by a single sensor, reducing variant diversity. Watch the video to find out more about the setting and filter options and how you can benefit from them. Additionally, the unique combination of the shortest blind region on the market and extensive range offers new opportunities for machine construction and simplifies the design process.


Ultrasonic sensors are based on the measured propagation time of the ultrasonic signal. They emit high-frequency sound waves which reflect on an object. The objects to be detected may be solid, liquid, granular or in powder form. Ultrasonic sensors reliably detect transparent and other demanding objects where optical technologies fail.

How does an ultrasonic sensor work?

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