A good work environment is the foundation on which to build outstanding quality.

As a family business, we are independent, and our focus is on the long term. We embrace our responsibility toward our employees, their families and our environment, and make sure we are respectful in our dealings with each other. Work safety and healthcare programs are an essential part of our fabric. At the same time, we make sure remuneration is competitive the world over.  

Our team collaboration approach enables us to take account of individual life situations, and to strive to find appropriate solutions. In doing so, we can respond flexibly and offer ways to establish a balance between job, family and leisure time. We place great importance on a good work-life balance.

We offer more than just a job. We value open communication, respect in our dealings with each other, and a friendly work climate. We give our people scope to develop new and bold ideas, and pay them salaries that are commensurate with the market as well as offering local benefits, such as in-house canteens, car parking spaces, or preventive healthcare programs. Needless to say, our technical equipment is state of the art. 

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