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Miniature sensors

  • Smallest and lightest ultrasonic sensor weighing only 4 grams
  • Large selection of round and cubical designs
  • Narrow sonic beam angles for measurement in very small openings
  • Measuring ranges up to 400 mm
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Robust ultrasonic sensors with flexible parameterization

  • Extremely resistant sealed sensor element
  • Very short blind range of 70 mm
  • Application-specific parameterization and additional data due to IO-Link
  • Analog measurement signal as well as switching signal
  • Measuring ranges up to 1000 mm
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Flat and cylindrical sensors

Ultrasonic sensors with teach button

  • Extremely compact, flat housing designs
  • Round versions in M18 or M30 housings with connector or cable output
  • With teach-in or potentiometer
  • Measuring ranges up to 2000 mm
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Large sensing distances – Long ranges – Long-distance level detection up to 6 m

Long ranges

  • Configuration by teach-in
  • Current and voltage output
  • Measuring ranges up to 6000 mm
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Sensors with sonic nozzles – Level measurement into very small containers – Ultrasonic sensors

Sensors with sonic nozzles

  • With sonic nozzle for very narrow sonic beam
  • Distance measurement of very small objects into very narrow openings
  • Resolution up to 0.1 mm
  • Measuring ranges up to 150 mm
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Chemically robust ultrasonic distance sensors  – Level measurement in chemically harsh environments – Universal M18 sensors – chemically robust – Universal M18 Design – chemically robust

Chemically robust ultrasonic distance sensors

  • High chemical resistance thanks to special coating
  • Robust, FDA-compliant stainless steel housing
  • M12 miniature sensors with narrow beam shape
  • Measuring ranges up to 1000 mm
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Ultrasonic sensors with IO-Link

Ultrasonic sensors with IO-Link

  • Modification of the sonic cone or activation of filtering in the field
  • Individual sensor setting
  • Additional data
  • Fast implementation and easy sensor exchange with automatic parameter transfer
  • Supporting the latest IO-Link standard 1.1
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Your benefits
  • Universal object identification even in soiled environments
    • Non-contact detection of any material, surfaces, color or transparency
    • Insensitive to dust, ambient  light or moisture
  • High process safety thanks to fast and reliable measuring results
    • Large measuring range up to 6000 mm
    • High resolution of up to 0.1 mm
    • Very narrow sonic beam angles for detection and measurement into openings of merely 3 mm
  • Easy design-in with flexibility thanks to large variety of versions
    • Comprehensive range of round and rectangular distance-measuring ultrasonic sensors
    • Easy configuration of the measuring range by potentiometer, teach-in button, remote teach-in input or qTeach



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