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Robust strain sensor for harsh environment – Long-term tight strain sensor DST55R

Robust strain sensor for harsh environment

  • Protection class IP 69K
  • Tested long-term seal in accordance with proTect+
  • C5-M corrosion protection category
  • Fully integrated amplifier electronics
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Industrial strain sensor

Industrial strain sensor

  • Minimized impact on machine structure thanks to low stiffness
  • All integrated amplifier electronics
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Measuring probes – Robust measuring probe DSRK – Product news

Strain probes

  • Strain measurement in deep holes up to over 2 m
  • Robust and maintenance-free
  • Permanent installations
  • For harsh industrial environments
  • Integrated amplifier electronics
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Strain pin

  • Strain measurement in holes
  • Permanent installations
  • Compact design
  • Cost-effective force measurement using strain requests
Measuring rings – Measuring ring with radial connector

Measuring rings

  • Strain measurements at machine pillars and tiebars
  • For calibration and qualification measurements
  • For precise temporary measuring operations
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With force sensors, the measuring element is deformed. This deformation is measured with a strain gage in the form of strain. The mechanical components of machines and apparatus also deform when forces act on them. This deformation can be measured with a strain sensor instead of with a strain gage. The force acting on the mechanical structure or on the component part can be determined on the basis of the measured strain. The relationship between strain and force is determined by the design of the mechanical component from which the sensor picks up the strain. The main influencing factors are the cross-sectional area and the E module of the component. Assembly is effected either by screwing, clamping or pressing. In this sense, a strain sensor is like an industrial strain gage which does not have to be elaborately glued in the production line or in the service department, but is quite simply mechanically mounted.

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