Code reading with IDC200

IDC200 is an industrial, camera-based multi-code reader that identifies every conventional 1D and 2D codes including printed, pinned and lasered DPM (Direct Part Marking) codes on a wide variety of materials. Hence, it provides efficient possibilities for the identification and tracing of components and products throughout the entire supply chain. 

Compact IDC200 is ready to use in just a few seconds: establish connection via USB-C cable, enter the IP address into the web interface and press Auto-Setup. Code reading is this easy!

Your benefits at a glance

Areas of application

Whether it’s about identifying a component during assembly and packaging or about quality assurance by verifying whether the right product is in the right package – IDC200 offers the right solution thanks to its high reading rate.

Smart functions

IDC200 multicode readers integrate powerful features for ensured reading rates in demanding applications and support for easy mounting and handling. For examples, see here:

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