Cable portfolio
Cables with open ended wires

Cables with open-ended wires

  • With free cable end
  • For direct connection to terminals or for field configuration
  • Shielded and unshielded variants
  • Sensor and data cables
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Connection cables

Connection cables

  • With two connectors
  • For direct connection without configuration in the field
  • Shielded and unshielded variants
  • Sensor and data cables
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Field wireable connector

  • For assembly in the field
  • 3 to 5-pole
  • Cut or screw terminals
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Cables – Cable for image processing

Cables for industrial cameras and vision sensors

  • Data cable for GigE, 10 GigE (incl fiber optics), USB 3.0, and Camera Link
  • Cable for process interface (I/O and power supply)
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Special cable configuration

Special cable configuration

  • Adjustment of standard cables (e.g., line length, adaptation of cable end)
  • Cable configuration according to the specified design drawing
  • Cable development for special application cases
Cables / connectors – M23 connectors / cables

Cables and connectors for encoders and angle sensors

  • M23, M12, MIL and other standards
  • Pre-assembled connector or open end for self-assembly
  • Different lengths for self-assembly
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Your benefits
  • Finding the right cable quickly and easily
    • Flexibility based on a large selection of standardized lengths, qualities, and connections
    • Standard cables immediately available
  • Reliable single-source solution
    • The cable is suitable for the application and ensures the sensor function
  • Customized cable configuration with the following services:
    • Specific adjustment of standard cables (e.g. length, adaptation of cable end)
    • Cable sleeves for good overview in complicated wiring solutions
    • Technical development and configuration of special cable solutions
  • Ensured functionality from assembly to operation on to maintenance
    • Correct locking via torque keys
    • Cable sleeve provides an overview in the case of complicated wiring solutions
    • Labelled cable to ensure traceability
    • Connectors with LEDs indicate data transmission
    • Retaining clips prevent breakage with frequent plugging and unplugging

Range of applications

Each application requires the right sensor solution with matching cables. The Baumer portfolio offers the right cables in terms of quality, protection class, certification and resistance. Hence, you find the right cable matching the requiremements of your industry, application and ambient conditions. 

The right choice of cable

Select the right cable quality matching your application:

  • PVC 
    • Good chemical resistance
    • Limited resistance to oil and lubricants
    • Contains halogen
    • Suitable for medium mechanical strain
    • Well suited for packaging machines, assembly and manufacturing, food sector, for example
    • Free, not constantly repetitive movement without tensile strain (no cable carrier)
    • Excellent stripping capacity
    • Most inexpensive cable solution
  • PUR
    • Excellent resistance to oil, lubricants, and coolants as well as chemicals
    • Excellently suited for use with cable carriers
    • Halogen-free
    • High abrasion resistance
    • Well suited for packaging machines, assembly and manufacturing, outdoor automation, for example
    • UV- and ozone-resistant, resistant to hydrolysis and microbes
    • Torsion-capable: up to ±180°/m
  • TPE
    • Similar to PUR but even better thermal, mechanical, and chemical properties
    • For example, for the food sector, wind energy
    • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
    • High temperature resistance +105°C
    • Torsion-capable: up to ±180°/m

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