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  • The matching connection option for every sensor
  • From standard cables to special solutions
  • Various application areas and certifications, e.g., for cable carriers, food, etc.​
  • Great variety of versions for your requirement
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IO-Link Master

IO-Link Master

  • IO-Link master for engineering, field use or control cabinet
  • For connection to PROFINET or to the Baumer Sensor Suite
  • More interfaces via Modbus TCP and OPC UA
  • User-convenient parameterization via web interface
  • Simplified sensor replacement thanks to the parameter server function
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Baumer Sensor Suite

  • Evaluation, parameterization and use of smart sensor solutions with IO-Link
  • Understanding and exploiting the full potential of IO-Link devices
  • Visualization of functions from different sensor manufacturers
  • Easy-to-use PC software with clear design and helpful additional information
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USB-C CAN Adapter

  • Fast connection of CANopen devices to a PC
  • Power supply via USB-C and switchable termination resistor
  • Easy parametrization and testing with Baumer Sensor Suite
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Engineering Tools

  • Adapters for IO-Link and CANopen connection from a PC to a device
  • Enabling engineering tasks to be solved with the Baumer Sensor Suite
  • Fast device access and direct feedback
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