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Smart 2D profile sensors

  • Smart measurement toolbox
  • Web interface for easy parametrization
  • Precise up to 5 micron resolution
  • Smart connected - IO-Link / Ethernet / and much more.
  • 16 models for a wide range of objects
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VeriSens vision sensors

VeriSens vision sensors

  • Image-based quality control with a single sensor incl. text and code reading
  • Automatic object alignment
  • 23 powerful feature checks for various inspection tasks
  • Configured within a few minutes thanks to VeriSens Application Suite
  • Digital inputs and outputs as well as Industrial Ethernet
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Easy control of Universal Robots

Easy control of Universal Robots

Smart Vision Sensors

  •  Vision Guided Robotics effectively implemented
  •  Flexible application solutions with 21 different feature checks
  •  Fast installation with automated calibration
  •  Only two new commands (nodes) for easy programming of the robot
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Smart vision simpler than ever before

Simple handling and implementation make our smart vision sensors a smart solution for you. For example, parameterization of the new smart profile sensors takes only a few minutes via an intuitive web interface. Featuring an extensive set of integrated measurement functions, they support efficient inline or offline tests without detailed image processing expertise. With the robot-compatible VeriSens vision sensors, the image-based control of collaborating robots from Universal Robots is easier than ever before. This gives you quick and easy access to vision-guided robotics applications.


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