The sensor measures the surface profile of an object along the projected laser line. The measured surface profile can be retrieved by the user – either via the integrated web server, the UDP interface or the SDK (software development kit). Sensors in the OXM version have additional integrated functions (tools) that allow carrying out geometric measurements on the profile (such as width, height, circle diameter or angle). These measured values are then available via the integrated process interface, switching outputs or the analogue output.

Triangulation principle
The sensor operates on the laser triangulation principle:

  1. Using a cylindrical lens, a laser beam expands to a laser line and is projected onto the surface of the measured object.
  2. The measured object reflects the laser line.
  3. The reflected laser line is projected onto a surface camera in the sensor.
  4. The sensor uses the camera image and stored calibration data to calculate the profile of a measurement object

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Functionality of the OXM version

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