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Electromechanical time and hour counters

Electromechanical time and hour counters

  • Reliable acquisition, no reset
  • 7-digit number wheel display
  • Time 999999,9 h
  • DC triggered variants
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Electronic time and hour counters

  • Accuracy 100 ppm
  • With or without preselection
  • 5-digit LED display
  • Selectable time ranges
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Advantages of hour counters
  • Electromechanical and electronic versions
  • Electronic counters with or without reset function
  • Versions with 1 or 2 preselections
  • Digital control
  • Versions with preselection as digital and/or potential-free output
  • Easy and practical operation
  • Space-saving designs according to DIN
  • All common operating voltages VAC, VDC or battery operation


Time and hour counters detect precise information about the operating time and hours of machines. The electronic processing of the data enables accurate readings on LED displays. These counters help with reliable monitoring of the service life of equipment, systems and facilities and efficient planning of maintenance work.

  • Detection of operating hours,  machine and throughput times
  • Time control
  • Short-term measurement
  • Controlling mixing times
  • Oven controls
  • Service life measurement
  • Display warranty periods
  • Settlement of rental/lease

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