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Sensor Toolbox – Always the optimal sensor solution for your requirements
Miniature sensors O200 – For shiny and deep black objects – For small and fast moving objects – Light barriers without reflector – SmartReflect – IO-Link

Miniature sensors


  • Size from 8 mm
  • Adjustable via qTeach or IO-Link
  • LED and laser with qTarget 
  • Extremely high immunity to ambient light
  • Point and line beam shape
  • Diffuse sensors up to 200 mm
  • Through-beam sensor up to 6 m
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Standard sensors


  • More quickly ready to use thanks to qTarget
  • Adjustable via qTeach
  • PinPoint LED with linear or pointed beam
  • Diffuse sensors up to 385 mm
  • Through beam sensor up to 12 m
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Sensors with extra power

O300 / O500

  • Powerful microcontroller
  • 7 sensor principles, 4 light sources, line or point beam shapes
  • Easy to install and operate
  • IO-Link – Industry 4.0 and IoT-ready
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Longer ranges with time-of-flight measurement

OT300 / OT500

  • Reliable object detection even with ultra-black, reflective, glossy or irregularly shaped objects regardless of the mounting angle
  • Large measurement range up to 2.6 m thanks to time-of-flight measurement
  • Simple integration and fast parameterization via the standardized IO-Link interface
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Subminiature sensors

Photoelectric sub-/miniature sensors

  • Smallest designs from 4 mm with integrated electronics
  • Long ranges up to 7 m
  • Line or point beam shape
  • Plastic and metal housing
  • Simple mounting and fast parameterization on the sensor
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Laser sensors

  • PinPoint positioning with 0.01 mm accuracy
  • 0.1 mm laser beam to detect even tiny objects
  • Laser line for seamless object detection
  • Short response times of < 0.1 ms
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Light barriers without reflector – SmartReflect

Light barriers without reflector – SmartReflect

  • Safe and easy referencing on machine parts
  • Short response times of < 0.25 ms
  • Sensing range up to 1.9 m
  • Insensitive to dirt
  • Extremely easy setup
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Cylindrical M18 sensors

Cylindrical M18 sensors

  • Sensors in M18 housing with excellent price-performance ratio
  • 6 sensor principles to choose from
  • Plastic, brass or stainless steel housing
  • Extensive sensing range up to 55 meters
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Fork- angle and label sensors

  • Through-beam sensor in one device
  • No adjustment of transmitter nor receiver required
  • No misalignment caused by machine vibration
  • Laser versions for very small components and positioning operations in the 1/100 mm range
  • Simple mounting and fast parameterization on the sensor or via IO-Link
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Contrast and luminescence sensors

  • Reliable print mark detection with low color and contrast differences
  • Luminescence sensors for invisible print marks
  • Precise and fast processes (jitter<7 μs)
  • Intuitive sensor setting
  • Variants with color mode for minimal color differences
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Edge detection / copy counter

Edge detection / copy counter


  • Reliable lap stream copy counting
  • Detection of individual packages with seamless product conveyance
  • Single sheet detection from an edge thickness of 0.1 mm
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Fiber optic sensors

  • Large selection of sensing heads
  • Plastic and glass fiber optics
  • Fiber optic amplifiers in different versions
  • Detecting filling levels or leaks
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Four reasons for light barriers and diffuse sensors
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A look at practical sensor applications

Extremely versatile application potential of optical sensors for object detection:

  • Presence check of objects in processes independent of the specific object position
  • Extremely fast and precise position detection, even of the smallest objects
  • Detection of objects also across large distances
  • Reliable count of objects, also with the smallest distances
  • Recognition of different object materials, colors, and contrasts
  • Object detection, even with transparent, uneven, punctured, or rough surfaces
  • Detection of objects through the smallest openings



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