May 4, 2022

Apprenticeship at Baumer - Apprentice selection day in Berlin

During our one-day trial apprenticeships at Baumer Hübner in Berlin, everyone was actively committed. The young talents gained exciting insights into the activities and training contents of an industrial clerk, mechatronics engineer and chipping mechanic.

With new apprenticeships starting on 1st September 2022, Baumer Hübner GmbH is looking for motivated young talents who want to start their training as an industrial clerk, mechatronics engineer or chipping mechanic.  For getting to know Baumer better, we invited selected young candidates to the Baumer Berlin location for a one-day trial apprenticeship.

They had the opportunity to gain insights into exciting phases in the development and production of encoders – from the planning stage with technical drawings on to printing 3D prototypes,  and to get familiar with the activities as an industrial clerk. Supported by the Baumer team, everyone created a shopper’s chip and watched the process live. A participant reported: "The 3D printer was very exciting. It was super that we were also allowed to directly lend a hand. Now I know about activities in the training, and that’s more to it than just sitting at a desk. Everybody in the Baumer Team was very nice and answered all my questions."  

We very much appreciate to hear that, because this is exactly how we experience everyday life at our company. Our trainees are expected to be hands-on and to ask many questions.  

In a role play the candidates could show their strengths and skills in how to master tricky situations in everyday work, like how to deal with mistakes.  

In the end, everyone experienced the day as full with information: "I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to take part in a day like this. All the information about tasks in my apprenticeship at Baumer motivates me to go ahead." 

We are happy that the day was an entire success and look forward to supporting soon more young talents in their starting careers.  

Hand in your application, we look forward to it. Apply at Baumer!  

You can find more information about apprenticeships at Baumer here:

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