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Electromagnetic flow meters for volumetric flow measurement

Electromagnetic flow meters for volumetric flow measurement

  • Hygienic, industrial, and compact version
  • For media with a conductivity of >5µS 
  • Precise and long-term stable measurements with accuracies up to 0.2%
  • No energy loss thanks to a continuous measuring tube
  • Flexible process connection and tube diameter DN3 to DN250
  • Optionally with or without display
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Flow sensors – Flow sensors for measuring the flow rate – Calorimetric flow measurement

Flow sensors for measuring the flow rate

  • Flow rate measurement for hygienic and industrial applications
  • For aqueous media in closed systems independent of conductivity
  • Easy installation and commissioning regardless of the mounting position
  • IO-Link interface
  • Various process connections and probe lengths
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Efficient flow measurement technology
Create process transparency. Lower energy consumption. Save resources.

Precise measurement results of the volumetric flow, flow rate, and temperature are key figures for an efficient process management. A high signal quality ensures that the process can be operated with the highest reliability, minimal use of resources, and the lowest possible energy consumption. Volumetric and calorimetric sensors are used in all liquid media.

Magnetic inductive vs. calorimetric measurement principle

Both technologies can be used to measure the flow rate (m/s) in the measuring tube. The magnetic inductive flow sensor uses this information to calculate the volume flow (m3/h), while the calorimetric sensor uses the temperature signal (°C) to determine the output flow rate. Both processes are used to capture and control flowing processes. To determine the optimal technology to be used, the medium, the process environment, and the desired control integration must be taken into account. Baumer supplies the most efficient measurement method for all cases.



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