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Sensors that inspire: All-digital AlphaProx inductive distance sensors nominated for electronics award "Products of the Year 2020»

 Delivering the largest choice of digital secondary data of present-day market, the AlphaProx inductive distance sensors convinced the editorial team of the “Elektronik” magazine. Nominated in the category "Measurement and Sensor Technology", the sensors keep their competitive edge against a great number of measurement technology innovations.


Appropriately protected against vapor, bacteria or aggressive cleaners

Harsh environmental conditions? Our CX.I cameras are the solution for all applications requiring additional IP protection – from robotics to spray or product contact areas in the food and beverage or the pharmaceutical industry. Find out more in our technical article!


I spy with my little eye…

From mechanical stress in glass on to faulty carbon fiber fabrics – imaging with polarized light opens up many new fields of application. Our technical article provides you with technology background and the benefits offered by the CX polarization cameras.

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