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  • Image
  • Product name
Filter by attributes

width / diameter

wave length

voltage supply range +Vs

voltage drop Vd




temperature drift

sync. input

switching output

smallest object recognizable

short circuit protection

sensitivity adjustment


sensing distance max.

scanning range

reverse polarity protection

response time / release time

response time


repeat accuracy

protection class/approvals

protection class

product group

product group

power on indication

output signal

output pulse length

output indicator

output function

output current

output circuit/interface

output circuit

optimum operating distance

operating temperature

object speed

object cycle distance

measuring range towards object

measuring point

measuring frequency

measuring field size

measuring field in X

measuring distance Sd

measuring distance Sd

measuring distance in Z

measuring distance (to object)

linearity error relative

linearity error

light source

light source

laser class




housing version

housing material

housing material


front (optics)


false pulse suppression

edge indicator

direct gap detection



current consumption max. (no load)

counting rate

connector base (main connector)

connector base (interface)

connection types


baud rate


Image Product name
FLDK 110C1003/S42

Material no.: 10152352

FLDK 110C1005/S42

Material no.: 11100809

FLDK 110G1003/S14

Material no.: 10151988

FLDK 110G1003/S42

Material no.: 10152351

FLDK 110G1005/S14

Material no.: 10164310

FLDK 110G1006/S14

Material no.: 11040147

FLDK 110G1010/S14

Material no.: 10149866

FLDK 110G1303/S14

Material no.: 11099669

FLDM 170C1011/S42

Material no.: 10153178

FLDM 170C1030/S42

Material no.: 10153179

FLDM 170G1011/S42

Material no.: 10153175

FLDM 170G1030/S42

Material no.: 10149139


Material no.: 11177353


Material no.: 11148276


Material no.: 11174280


Material no.: 11111452

ZADM 023H151.0001

Material no.: 10158593

ZADM 023H151.0002

Material no.: 10158595

ZADM 023H151.0011

Material no.: 10158594

ZADM 023H151.0012

Material no.: 10158596

ZADM 023H300.0001

Material no.: 10158589

ZADM 023H300.0002

Material no.: 10158591

ZADM 023H300.0011

Material no.: 10158590

ZADM 023H300.0012

Material no.: 10158592

ZADM 023H351.0001

Material no.: 10158597

ZADM 023H351.0002

Material no.: 10158599

ZADM 023H351.0011

Material no.: 10158598

ZADM 023H351.0012

Material no.: 10158600

ZADM 023H871.0001

Material no.: 10158768

ZADM 023H871.0002

Material no.: 10165336

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