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Smart, simple and precise – OXM profile sensors for efficient profile measurements

The smart multi-tool profile sensors OXM from Baumer enable fast solutions for individual measurement tasks thanks to measurement functions directly integrated in the sensor and their simplest usability. For even more precision, the OXM200 is now also available with a blue laser beam. 

Exploit the full potential of IO-Link devices with the new Baumer Sensor Suite

Baumer presents the Baumer Sensor Suite (BSS), a new PC software for evaluation, selection and parameterization of IO-Link devices. With this software, application developers can implement IO-Link devices more efficiently – particularly thanks to intuitive visualization of sensor functions. 
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Smart encoders: Cost-efficient connection and parameterization flexibility

Electrical and mechanical integration of encoders has become much easier and more economically viable. The new bearingless encoder EB200E from Baumer is proving this right. It integrates on any axis in a compact way and does not require any modification effort in terms of mechanics. It is the first smart bearingless incremental encoder with IO-Link on the market.
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