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Standard component with maximum flexibility


  • Robust MEMS sensors (3-dimensional)
  • 2 relay outputs
  • 6 user-configurable frequency bands
  • Varied filter options
  • Convenient configuration by PC software GAM900 Configurator and via CANopen
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GAM900S – SIL2 / PLd certified for maximum safety


  • Robust MEMS sensors – diversified redundant sensors
  • Reliable embedded software including signal processing compliant to IEC 61508-3
  • Safety switching output with redundant relays
  • 4 factory-configured filter bands
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Your benefits
  • Precise acceleration information for maximum control
    • Precise acceleration measurement provided to master control via CANopen or analog interface
    • Prevent the system from exceeding a defined level of vibration
    • Reduce excessive vibration before reaching critical amplitudes
    • MEMS sensors with ultimate precision at minor deflections and minimum axis cross-talk
    • Ideal for precise vibration monitoring, for example at wind turbine towers
  • User-configurable filters eliminate interference for more precision
    • Support to eliminate vibration interference caused by acceleration sensor installation at solid, load-bearing machine parts
    • Integrated deep or band pass filters up to 8th order
    • Efficiently suppress unwanted interference as caused for example by yaw breaks at wind turbines
    • Any installation offset or temperature drift is also reliably suppressed to significantly improve precision
  • Simplified implementation of European Machinery Directive requirements
    • SIL2/PLd certified acceleration sensor to simplify safety evaluation of entire installation
    • Concept supports consequent implementation of the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG
    • Ideal sensor to fulfil safety function "protection against excessive shocks and tower vibration" required at wind turbines
    • Sensor integrated signal processing and limit monitoring function to eliminate control-implemented safety-rated embedded software (SRESW) or application software
  • Limited number of components and easy integration
    • SIL2/PLd certified sensor GAM900S merges vibration measurement and funtionally safe limit detection function in one device
    • Replace common standard  shock and vibration sensors and cut down wiring effort
    • Analog or CANopen interface for communication to standard master control
    • Easy integration into safety chain via redundant relay output contacts


Precise detection of acceleration and safe vibration  monitoring at all kinds of machines and installations, for example tower vibration and shock impact at wind turbines.


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