A standard sensor may not be suitable for different reasons. The size and shape do not fit in the existing construction, major modification of the machinery and plant would be necessary or the sensor will have to be directly integrated in an existing machine or plant element. To be able to control or monitor, for example, the production process more efficiently, force measurement should be retrofitted in existing plants. Furthermore, disturbances such as transverse forces or torques can occur which have to be minimised in order to achieve reproducible and  noticeably better measurement results.
Often in this case, a customised sensor for force or strain measurement is the only economical  solution.
Together with our customers, we are pleased to find  the optimal solution. We analyse the starting position together, and work out different solution proposals for your specific case. Afterwards we select the most promising version together with your specialists and build the first prototypes exclusively. During testing and commissioning we support you on site. Professional project management is an important contribution to joint success.
We accept no compromises in serial production. Our optimised and flexible production processes enable us to ensure reliable and consistent quality even in smaller and medium quantities.
Machinery and plants are frequently in operation for decades. We guarantee long-term availability from development to spare parts. Especially where customised solutions are concerned, long-term partnerships are crucial for joint success.

Why a customised force sensor?

  • Shape and size do not fit in the given construction
  • Major modification of the existing machinery or plant construction would be necessary
  • Reduction of disturbances such as transverse forces or torques

What we offer:

  • No compromises – a force sensor optimised to your application, space requirements and dimensions
  • Professional project management as a team
  • Reliable and consistent quality even in smaller quantities
  • Long-term availability

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