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Subminiature sensors

Subminiature sensors


  • World's smallest inductive distance sensor
  • Cylindrical sensors from Ø4 mm
  • Flat sensor designs starting with 4.7 mm in height
  • Measuring ranges up to 3 mm
  • Completely integrated evaluation electronics
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Miniature sensors


  • Cylindrical sensors from Ø6,5  mm
  • Ultrashort versions with 22 mm housing length
  • Rectangular sensors in stainless steel housing
  • Measuring ranges up to 3 mm
  • Minimized space requirements
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Standard sensors

Standard sensors


  • Dimensions from M12 to M30
  • Large measuring ranges up to 24 mm
  • Rectangular or cylindrical designs
  • Cost-efficient solution for precision measurements
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Linearized characteristic curve – Standard sensors cylindrical

Linearized characteristic curve


  • Measuring range configurable by teach-in
  • Negligible production lot variations
  • Internal temperature compensation
  • Easy integration into the controller
  • Variants with an additional digital output
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Factor 1 – same measuring range for all metals

Factor 1 – same measuring range for all metals


  • Two to four times larger measuring range for aluminum
  • Suitable for measurements on non-ferromagnetic metals
  • Adjustable measuring range limits (teach)
  • Great flexibility in construction and installation
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High-precision sensors  – High-precision and high-sensitivity sensors

High-precision and high-sensitivity sensors


  • Large signal changes for even the smallest position changes
  • Very high resolutions in the nanometer range
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Sturdy sensors for demanding environments

Sturdy sensors for demanding environments


  • Washdown and outdoor sensors
  • Off-highway sensors with full industry compliance (EN ISO 14982, EN 13309, ISO 13766)
  • IP 69K long-term seal – proTect+
  • Chemical-resistant – Ecolab tested
  • High pressure resistant distance sensors
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Inductive sensors with IO-Link


  • Additional process data, e.g. frequency measurement and counter function
  • Acquisition and evaluation of additional diagnostic data
  • Individual and application-specific parameterization
  • Measured value filtering for fast or accurate applications
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Your benefits
  • Maximum flexibility
    • Wide selection of cylindrical and cubical designs with current and voltage output
    • Large measuring ranges also in small housings
  • Simple and economical solutions for demanding measuring tasks
    • High measuring speeds and excellent repeat accuracy
    • Measuring factor 1 sensor with same measuring range on all metals
    • High-sensitivity sensors for measuring even the smallest position changes
    • Sensors with resolutions in the nanometer range
  • Fast installation and commissioning
    • Negligible production lot variations thanks to factory calibration
    • Elimination of installation tolerances using 1-point teach
    • Different  teach functions for fine adjustment
  • Easy evaluation with minimum programming effort
    • Sensors with a linearized characteristic curve offer a directly proportional output signal
    • Additional configurable digital output for end position monitoring
  • Maximum process safety
    • High temperature stability and very good EMC properties
    • Long service life thanks to rugged housing and contactless measuring principle


Distance-measuring, inductive sensors offer many application possibilities. A basic distinction is made between direct distance measurements/position feedback and indirect, specific measurements.


Inductive distance sensors (AlphaProx) are based on the same measuring principle as inductive proximity switches. They generate a high-frequency electromagnetic field near the sensing face. A metal object penetrating this area will change the field depending on object distance, material and size. The change is detected by the sensor and converted into a proportional output signal. Standard AlphaProx sensors operate all-analog which makes them capable of high measuring speed together with excellent repeat accuracy, low readout noise and high resolution.

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