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Mechanical speed switches

Mechanical speed switches

FS90 / FSL

  • All-mechanical centrifugal principle. Reliable performance without any auxiliary energy supply
  • One switching speed as factory default
  • Switching output as floating break contact, open and closed
  • As standalone device or product combination with encoder or tachogenerator
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Electronic speed switches

Electronic speed switches

ES90 / ESL

  • Proven electronic signal evaluation integrated
  • Up to three switching speeds
  • Relay output as floating break contact or three transistor outputs
  • Output switching performance up to 6 A / 250 VAC
  • As standalone device or product combination with encoder or tachogenerator
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Encoders with integrated digital speed switch

Encoders with integrated digital speed switch


  • Compact size, as solid or hollow shaft design
  • Up to three switching speeds
  • Two relay outputs as floating break contact or three transistor outputs
  • Output switching performance up to 250 mA / 230 VAC/VDC
  • Separate terminal box for speed switch connection
  • User-configurable by PC software
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Your benefits
  • Simplifying your safety system's certification
    • Mechanical centrifugal switch without any auxiliary energy supply, electronic speed switch without embedded software
  • Functional safety with standard components
    • Functional safety systems are allowed to use HeavyDut encoders with speed switch as standard components in compliance with machine directive 2006/42/EG
  • Efficient implementation of varied safety functions
    • Reliable evaluation of Sin/Cos, HTL and TTL signals delivered by incremental HeavyDuty-encoders in addition to the evaluation of switching signals output by HeavyDuty speed switches
  • Convenient integration in new installations as well as upgrade and retrofit of existing systems  
    • Product combination of speed switch and encoder or tacho generator to perform specific tasks and safety functions, encoder with integrated speed switch
  • Convenient wiring
    • Speed switch and encoder connected in parallel, the speed switch outputs loop into the existing safety circuits.
  • Quick commissioning and easy configuration
    • Switching speed as permanent factory default  for mechanical and electronic speed switches, PC configuration software for digital speed switches,  direction-related switching points as an option
  • Maximum system uptime and unrivalled durability under the harshest conditions
    • Proven HeavyDuty design, bearings at both shaft ends, HeavyDuty connection technology and ultra-robust sensing technology
  • Reliable in any environment
    • Extremely resilient and thick-walled housing, outstanding corrosion resistance, sealing concept with long-term stability
  • Reliably protected against bearing damage.
    • Encoder shaft with bearings at both ends (where feasible by design), generously sized bearings in large distance to each other, high reserve capacity to endure strong radial/axial shaft loads, hybrid bearings with ceramics balls to discharge inductive shaft current


HeavyDuty speed switches from Baumer have been setting the standards for robustness, reliable function and variety of the range for years. They often fulfill the decisive safety function by triggering a switching output when the switching speeds are exceeded or fallen below. In the case of a mechanical centrifugal force switch, the centrifugal force of the centrifugal force at the limit speed moves in a radial direction and actuates the change-over switch. For electronic and digital speed switches, speed-dependent electrical signals are generated and correspondingly internally evaluated for the actuation of up to three switching outputs.

HeavyDuty speed switches and speed monitors support functional safety implementation, for example at

  • Drives
  • Steelworks and rolling mills
  • Cranes and hoists
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Wind turbines
  • Theater technology
  • Centrifuges
  • Transport and handling systems
  • Automated guided vehicles
  • Dosing and filling stations
  • Cutting installations, punches and presses
  • High-frequency spindles
  • Pharmaceutical installations
  • Saws
  • and any other application where operators are in the danger zone.


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