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All mechanical

All mechanical

  • Different housing designs
  • Selection of activating pins made of steel and zirconium oxide
  • Normally closed (NC)
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With amplifier

With amplifier

  • PNP/NPN three-wire design
  • Normally open (NO)
  • 50 mA maximum load current
  • Selection of activating pins made of steel, ruby and zirconium oxide
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For lateral approach

For lateral approach

  • Selection of activating pins made of steel and ruby
  • Lateral angle of approach max. 30°
  • Normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC)
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  • Protection class IP 67
  • Selection of activating pins made of steel, ruby and zirconium oxide
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Your benefits
  • Micrometer precision
    • The most precise limit switch in the world
    • Precise repeat accuracy of 0.001 mm also in demanding environments
  • Reliable in any situation
    • Ultra-hard activating pin made of zirconium oxide
    • Robust metal housing
  • Universal use thanks to large design variants
    • Conical and tapered housing fronts
    • Activating force configurable from 30 cN to 250 cN according to application
    • Spherical metal or ruby tips for lateral approach
    • Integrated amplifier with LED for 50 mA load current (PLC)
  • Cost-efficient thanks to long service life
    • Rugged IP 67 housing
    • Seals made of Viton and silicone protect the gold-plated contacts against dirt, dust and moisture


Typical applications for the high-precision My-Com limit switches:

  • Reference point setting in X/Y tables and machine tools
  • Monitoring of the closing and locking accuracy of injection moulds
  • Detection of the tiniest deflections, movements and deformations
  • Integration in measuring sensors, gages and activating pins
  • Calibration of measuring instruments in quality control
  • Monitoring of surface roughness
  • Other applications in precision mechanical engineering


A strong focus in the My-Com design was limiting the number of components to the absolute minimum. Just three moving parts and high-quality materials guarantee an enormous number of switching operations with constant repeat accuracy. Short, linear travel in just two directions and sensitive to even the slightest  activating force further increase both reliability and service life of the My-Com precision switch, which has been proving absolute reliability in over 1 million applications.

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