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Radar sensors with IO-Link

  • Easy and flexible parameterization
  • Clear visualization of measured values
  • Statistical and monitoring values included
  • Quick adjustment to application requirements through preset user profiles 
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Off-highway radar sensors – Off-highway distance measurement – Off-highway radar sensor for sprayer applications

Off-highway radar sensors

  • Measurement range from 0.3 to 8.5 m
  • Superior measurement speed and precision
  • Tested according to the highest standards for the off-highway sector
  • Resistant to environmental factors such as wind, temperature, humidity, etc.
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Your benefits
  • Stable and reliable measuring signal, even in adverse ambient conditions, strong ambient light, and soiling 
    • High repeatability and measurement accuracy across the entire measurement range with limited temperature drift 
    • Can be used outdoors and across a wide temperature range from -40 to 80 °C, even without additional protective housing
    • The sensor withstands stress tests such as those according to IP68 / IP69K and the even more demanding Baumer proTect+ impermeability concept without any problems
  • Simple and precise adjustment to various application requirements
    • Extended functionality via the IO-Link interface 
    • User-friendly user interface with visualization of measurement data
  • Simple and versatile installation 
    • Very compact design for confined installation spaces
  • Quick measurements and response to position changes 
    • Extremely short response times in the ms range
  • No distortion by obstructive objects in the near vicinity 
    • Focused, very narrow radar beam with a measurement range of up to 60 m

  • Vehicle positioning and measurement in carwash and parking systems
  • Position detection of crane bridges, crane trolleys, transfer trolleys
  • Collision monitoring for cranes or automatic systems
  • Detection and positioning of large moving objects (e.g. trains)
  • Measurement of ground or road surface clearance (e.g. blacktop)
  • Height control of sprayer linkage and combine harvester attachments
  • Fill level measurement in open or closed containers, also when pressurized 


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