Reliable code readers and text readers – Extended functionality for complex inspection tasks – The expert for check & sort applications – Code reader (1D/2D) – Text reader (OCR/OCV) with code reading function – Vision sensors with integrated optics

Vision sensors with integrated optics

VeriSens XF series

  • Up to 21 different feature checks
  • Automated object alignment
  • Integrated lighting and lenses (8 mm or 12 mm)
  • URCap, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, TCP/UDP (Ethernet)
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Maximum functionality and versatility

Vision Sensors with free lens selection (C-mount)

VeriSens XC series

  • Up to 21 different feature checks
  • Automated object alignment
  • Free choice of lenses (C-mount), integrated flash controller
  • URCap, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, TCP/UDP (Ethernet)
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VeriSens Application Suite

VeriSens Application Suite

VeriSens vision sensors

The configuration software VeriSens Application Suite is uniform for all vision sensors, includes a configurable web interface, is available in nine languages, and guides even non-experts to a fully configured vision sensor in four clearly understandable steps.

The robot experts

Robot-compatible vision sensors VeriSens XF900 and XC900 offer even faster and easier access to image processing for collaborating robots (cobots) of Universal Robots.

SmartGrid (patent pending) will reduce setup times to just a few minutes – and is even more precise without the need for time-consuming manual hand-eye calibration.

Thanks to the VeriSens URCap interface in the robot controller, the vision sensors are fast and easily integrated into the program sequence. Two additional commands (nodes) suffice to access to the many image processing options and 21 powerful feature checks.

Your benefits
  • Fast and easy integration within few minutes
    • VeriSens SmartGrid
    • VeriSens URCap
  • Solving most diversified inspection tasks
    • Up to 21 high-performance feature checks
    • Up to 32 feature checks combinable per job
    • Up to 255 jobs can be stored on the vision sensor
  • External on-board lighting on the robot thanks to fully integrated flash controller (XC900)
    • VeriFlash flash controller
  • Reliable contour-based image processing in real time
    • Patented FEX image processor
  • Exact image evaluation and dimensional checks even if the vision sensors are mounted at an angle
    • Real-time correction of distortion, shading, and perspective bias
  • Reliable 360° part recognition without mechanical object alignment
    • FEXLoc part location
  • Simple and fast configuration within a few minutes without programming languages
  • Fast and easily configured without any programming language within a few minutes
    • VeriSens Application Suite with configurable web interface


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