Edge detection with wide measuring field

Edge detection with wide measuring field

ZADM 023

  • Control of textile, plastic or paper edges
  • Positioning of objects by the edge
  • Extremely large measuring field up to 875 mm in width
  • Capable of detecting transparent objects and foils
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Light-band sensors – Measurements of edge positions and object widths

Measurements of edge positions and object widths


  • Measurement independent of radial run out by parallel light beam
  • Measuring range up to 24 mm
  • Measuring frequency up to 1 kHz for fast moving objects
  • Switching version for counting small objects
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Edge detection / copy counter

Edge detection / copy counter


  • Reliable lap stream copy counting
  • Detection of individual packages with seamless product conveyance
  • Single sheet detection from an edge thickness of 0.1 mm
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  • Printing industry (e.g. copy counter, single sheet detection)
  • Metal industry (e.g. weld seam detection, overlap detection of sheet metal)
  • Packaging industry (e.g. counting folded packaging)
  • Paper industry (e.g. single sheet counting, web edge control)
  • Plastics industry (e.g. film counting, film detection)
  • Electrical industry (e.g. counting wires on winding machines)
  • Automotive industry (e.g. edge counting of folded air filter mats)

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