Your benefits
  • Increased productivity thanks to fast and reliable detection
    • The parallel radiation field makes an object appear the same size at any measuring distance
    • The high measuring frequency up to 1800 Hz with an analog sensor allows detection of fast movements
    • Thanks to the high switching frequency of 4 kHz, small, fast moving objects are also detected reliably
  • High process safety
    • Rugged aluminum housing with protection class IP 67 for heavy-duty industrial use
    • The parallel light beams prevent out-of-round objects from entering the measuring signal on conveyor belts
  • Time-saving installation and commissioning
    • One-button configuration of the two measuring modes (edge, center)
    • Built-in reflector for easy installation
  • Compact sensor for space-saving installation
    • All-integrated signal evaluation and illumination unit with long service life



In light-band sensors, the light of the integrated illumination is reflected by an opposite foil and received by the diode array. The length of the diode array together with the optics determines the measuring field size. Thanks to the narrow diode array, the measuring field is only a narrow strip.
If an object shadows a part of the light, no light will fall on the corresponding part of the diode array. The integrated micro-controller analyzes the dark areas and the dark-bright transitions and calculates the corresponding analog value depending on the measuring mode. The light-band sensor has a parallel radiation field, which makes an object appear to be the same size at any measuring distance.

Technical and Application Reports / White Paper

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