Feb 13, 2018


Regularly, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Berlin recognizes companies that stand out by particularly qualified trainee programs and apprenticeships. No surprise then that Baumer Hübner Berlin aroused their special attention and promptly was certified for "high-quality vocational training excellence". Such attributes are owed to the company‘s sustainable commitment to offer outstanding trainee programs and apprenticeships to further raise the bar in qualified training of young people. Whether a company fulfils the basic conditions to apply for this quality seal is defined by specific mandatory criteria - Baumer Hübner Berlin easily met them all, even scoring high in some extra points of excellence such as:


  • every new trainee to follow individualized plans for an introduction phase
  • visiting several locations during introductory weeks to get familiar with proceedings
  • regular interviews with other trainees for mutual information and experience exchange, for compilation of individual focal points of interest, personal outlooks and for evaluation of performance levels  
  • high motivation by getting involved and “aboard” of and projects at the earliest possible point
  • standardized processes of evaluation and feedback when changing departments 
  • guaranteed employment for at least 6 months following the apprenticeship

Having been attested "outstanding excellence in training and apprenticeship" by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce confirms once more the importance attached to high-quality dual VET training which is truly lived at Baumer Hübner Berlin.

Baumer has the highest demands on the training excellence of young people. Being reliant on qualified and skilled experts itself, Baumer is well aware of the significance of profound training and apprenticeship. For this reason, the foundations for sustainable training programs were already laid years ago and ever since have been continuously further intensified and expanded. At Baumer, we see it our duty to support young adults in their individual development and to offer them high-grade vocational trainings at top level.

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