Aug 30, 2019

Quality all along the line

OM70 laser distance sensors with line beam shape ensure reliable and precise inline measurements even on structured surfaces.

Precise, non-contact inline-measurements by optical distance sensors without process interruptions are vital in high-quality product manufacture. In measurements on demanding surfaces such as galvanized or brushed metal, the OM70 laser distance sensors with line beam shape ensure the required reliability. On structured surfaces or colored edges, point laser measurements cause interference and deliver rather inconsistent and little reliable results. Particularly in the measuring focus, the OM70 laser distance sensors feature a very thin beam shape allowing the sensor's receiving array to exploit the full information content. In this way, measuring impairments by minor irregularities such as machining marks, tiny scratches or dents are minimized.


Some application examples for the OM70 laser distance sensors with line beam shape are height measurements towards brushed metal sheets (double sheet detection) or wooden surfaces. Six different measuring ranges from 30 to 1500 mm make OM70 the sensor to choose for most varied applications. For "quality all along the line", the OM70 high performance distance sensors with line beam shape deliver precise and reproducible inline measurement results towards non-homogenous surfaces and cut down on reject rates and costs.

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