Product portfolio

Force sensors

  • Force measurement easily accomplished
  • Intelligently designed portfolio for a range of forces and installation options
  • For harsh industrial environments
  • Durable for cyclical loads in the entire nominal force range
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Strain sensors

Strain sensors

  • The clever alternative to force sensors for the measurement of large forces
  • One sensor for different force ranges
  • Quick and easy implementation in existing machines and systems
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Customised solutions

Customised solutions

  • Force measurement to over 1000 kN
  • Your partner from the development stage to spare part service
  • Force measurement optimally integrated in your application
  • Professional project management
  • Security of investment thanks to long-term product availability
Cavity pressure sensors

Cavity pressure sensors

  • Quality monitoring in the injection process
  • Improved component quality
  • Pluggable version for more flexibility
  • Any standard type available
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Strain measurement in holes

Strain measurement in holes

  • Cost-effective force measurement using strain probes
  • For permanent installations in tiebars of injection molding and die-casting machines
  • Robust and maintenance-free
  • Suitable for harsh industrial applications
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Accessories force / strain sensors

Accessories force / strain sensors

  • Bridge amplifiers in a rugged aluminium housing
  • Bridge amplifier for DIN rail mounting
  • Cables and installation accessories
  • Multi-range charge amplifier
  • Display box
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Process optimization, quality assurance and prevention of downtime are key issues associated with any technical equipment or machinery. The measurement of forces and strains supports the process and detects wear or overloading of bearings, mounts or supports at an early stage.

Force sensor or strain sensor - which sensor is the right one for your application?

The type of sensor to be used in an application primarily depends on the forces that are present and whether it is possible to measure forces directly. In principle, force sensors make sense when small forces are to be measured. Strain sensors on the other hand are particularly well suited for large forces.

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