Baumer GAPI SDK for Linux ARM
For embedded vision applications
Baumer GAPI SDK for Linux ARM

The Baumer GAPI  SDK for Linux ARM-based platforms is aimed at the increasing number of embedded vision applications. Enhanced performance, an energy-efficient design with high flexibility and the ever-increasing number of ARM-based hardware providers open up new application potential for camera-based solutions. At the same time, full GenICam and GenTL compliance ensure easy interfacing of GigE and Dual GigE cameras.

Baumer tested hardware platforms of selected providers and support them with the current GAPI SDK version. To do so, the SDK provides several installation packages: standard packages for using provider-specific evaluation kits and basic packages allowing for individualized software design.

Baumer GAPI SDK for Linux ARM-based platforms supports the following evaluation kits by different standard packages:

  • NVIDIA Jetson TK1 for Linux for Tegra (Ubuntu)
  • NVIDIA Jetson TX1 for Linux for Tegra (Ubuntu)
  • NVIDIA Jetson TX2 for Linux for Tegra (Ubuntu)
  • Raspberry Pi 3 for Raspbian
  • ODROID-XU4 for Ubuntu

Where using other ARM-based boards, provided basic packages enable individual software design. They include all libraries and software modules (no visualisation examples) required to integrate GigE cameras in machine vision software supporting the hard and softfloat processors of the ARM ARM7 family.

Your benefits

Baumer GAPI SDK for Linux ARM-based hardware platforms includes:

  • Standard packages: Selected hardware evaluation kit support for different providers, e.g. NVIDIA Jetson, Raspberry Pi and ODROID
  • Basic packages: Hard and softfloat processor support for the ARM ARM7 family
  • Versatile functionalities for process-reliable camera interfacing, for example
    • High-performance Baumer image processor for optimum color calculation out of Raw Bayer image data
    • Action command for quick, hardware-near triggering
    • Supporting events and status information for automated process control

Technical and Application Reports / White Paper
Software packages
  • Baumer GAPI SDK v2.9.2 for Linux ARM Raspbian 9.4 Raspberry Pi

  • Baumer GAPI SDK v2.9.2 for Linux ARM Ubuntu 14.04 Jetson TK1

  • Baumer GAPI SDK v2.9.2 for Linux ARM Ubuntu 16.04 Jetson TX1

  • Baumer GAPI SDK v2.9.2 for Linux ARM Ubuntu 16.04 Jetson TX2

  • Baumer GAPI SDK v2.9.2 for Linux ARM Ubuntu 18.04 ODROID XU4

  • Baumer GAPI SDK v2.9.2 for Linux ARM Ubuntu 18.04 ROCK64

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