Nov 13, 2019

Standard force sensors from Baumer: The right force sensor for every application

Force sensors are truly multitalented: They monitor the quality of production processes, maximize the performance of machines and materials, or help prevent maintenance. They are ideally highly flexible due to overlapping force ranges, standardized housing, and uniform thread sizes. Baumer sets new benchmarks in the sector with its new standard force sensors, which the Swiss sensor specialist is presenting at the SPS 2019 trade fair: 44 different sensors in three size classes, covering forces from 50 N to 20,000 N. The extensive, cleverly matched portfolio offers the right solution for any type of force measurement. Beneficiaries include the designers of new machines who cannot assess at the outset the precise forces that will occur in their process. "If the force range is not correct, the designer can quickly and easily replace a Baumer sensor with another sensor of the same series," explains Steffen Schneider, product manager for force and strain sensors at Baumer in Frauenfeld, Switzerland.

Three designs, many possibilities

The standard portfolio of Baumer force sensors consists of three designs: button, inline, and screw-on. The button version measures compression forces and is screwed onto one side. The inline and screw-on versions are attached directly in the force flow on both sides, with the inline variation attached by two threads and the screw-on version with one thread and four through holes on the housing. The compact and robust force sensors help monitor overloading of components, holding forces in processing stations, or press-in and mating forces during the assembly process. Key issues that are implemented with the help of force measurement include process optimization, quality assurance, and the prevention of downtimes.

100% force range for dynamic applications as well

The housings of all standard force sensors from Baumer are surprisingly compact – the smallest has a diameter of only 19 mm and a height of 11 mm yet measures forces up to 2000 N. The largest even measures forces up to two tons with a diameter of only 60 mm. The fully welded sensor housings made of stainless steel in the protection category IP68 are hermetically dust- and water-proof, as well as impact- and vibration-resistant. They deliver reliable measuring results even with large temperature fluctuations from -40 to +85 °C. Unique on the market: all sensors of the standard portfolio can utilize 100% of their force range, even for dynamic applications with cyclically alternating forces.

The standard force sensors are only part of the much more extensive Baumer portfolio. Strain sensors can be the suitable solution already from forces starting at 10,000 N. They are not directly installed in the force flow but measure the forces indirectly via the distortion of a surface, which means that they can be easily and quickly integrated into the system and the machine. If the standard force or strain sensors do not fit, but the machine cannot be altered, then customer-specific solutions offer a suitable alternative. With this extensive portfolio, Baumer offers a suitable sensor for every type of application.

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