Mar 27, 2024

Baumer software speeding up encoder engineering
Compact EB360R multiturn encoder connected via USB-C CAN adapter is transmitting data to the Baumer Sensor Suite.

Baumer encoders for mobile machines are renowned for ultimate durability and precision. Sensor expert Baumer now sets new standards even in encoder engineering by own freeware for easy encoder testing and parameterization. The Baumer Sensor Suite (BSS), with more than 6000 users already well established in in-dustrial applications, now is also applicable for CANopen interface. The BSS is a PC-based software for easy evaluation, selection and parameterization of IO-Link devices - and now also for the Baumer CANopen devices. With this smart solution easing engineering work and saving valuable time, Baumer further extends its user base.

New engineering experience: Finally see what the sensor is seeing

What does the release of the premium tool Baumer Sensor Suite CANopen mean to developing engineers? In short, the BSS brings complex sensor data into an easily understandable structure. The BSS features an intuitive encoder cockpit which allows for a quick grasp of graphically presented measured values. This is a big benefit, particularly when it comes to parameterization. Thanks to BSS, users can see at a glance what the encoder is detecting. The user-friendly software layout does not only provide unprecedented engineering experience but also offers tangible economic benefits: The simple setup and intuitive user interface puts an end to the hassle of comparing measured against parameterization values and hence cuts down on project runtime. Encoders to PC connection is established in an instant and without the need for external power supply using the Baumer USB-C CAN adapter, e.g. for assigning node IDs via the BSS.
The Baumer Sensor Suite is available as free download as of March 2024 and is applicable to many Baumer encoder families and inclination sensors, mainly in the field of mobile machines: EAM580RS, EAM580R, EAM500R, EAM360R, EAM300, EAM280, EB360R, GIM360R and many more.

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